Samsung and LG Collaborate on Innovative Screen Technology to Boost Battery Life

Tech giants Samsung and LG are reportedly working together on low-refractive-index Capping Layer (CPL) technology for small to medium-sized OLED panels. This collaboration is part of an industry-wide effort to improve light usage, increase optical efficiency, and potentially extend the lifespan of products.

Several companies, including Dongjin Semichem, Hodogaya, LAPT, and PNH Tech, have been actively involved in the development of this innovative technology. These companies have already begun providing samples and initiating early partnerships with panel manufacturers. The selection of suppliers will be influenced by factors such as quality, cost, and existing business relationships.

Both Samsung and LG have a history of advancements in OLED technology. Last year, Samsung introduced its Eco2 OLED panels, known for their improved power efficiency. These panels were subsequently used in the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4.

However, the introduction of an additional layer in the form of low-refractive-index CPL could present manufacturing and cost challenges. Panel makers will need to convince smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung Electronics and Apple, of the benefits of implementing this new CPL.

Despite these potential hurdles, the move towards low-refractive-index CPL technology comes at a crucial time for Samsung, as some users of its high-end flagship models have recently reported display issues. Complaints include the appearance of pink, green, and white lines on their screens.

As Samsung and LG continue to innovate and push the boundaries of screen technology, the industry and consumers alike will be watching closely to see how these developments impact device performance and user experience.

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