Can You See If Someone Replays Your Facebook Story?

With about 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the world’s largest social media network, accounting for roughly 37% of the global population. Its popularity is primarily due to its versatility and user-friendly interface, which allows users to share every aspect of their daily lives conveniently.

From sharing photos and videos to expressing thoughts, emotions, or viewpoints, Facebook has become a virtual home for many. This post aims to address one of the intriguing questions around Facebook stories: Can someone see if you replay their Facebook story?

Facebook introduced its own version of stories not too long ago, allowing users to share content that auto-deletes after 24 hours. They offer an engaging and fun way to connect with friends and followers without permanently adding to your profile’s content.

With various features such as filters, effects, stickers, and augmented reality (AR) applications, users can make their stories more exciting and visually appealing.

The temporary nature of stories and the ability to view them multiple times within the 24-hour period raises an interesting question: Can the creator of the story see if you replay their Facebook story? This blog post aims to answer this question in detail, providing insights based on officially available information from Facebook.

Can Someone See If You Replay Their Facebook Story?

Despite the array of features that Facebook stories offer, they come with certain limitations in the notification system.

One key aspect is that Facebook does not notify users about how many times someone has rewatched their stories or if they have replayed them. So if you’re wondering whether someone would know if you’ve replayed their Facebook story multiple times, the answer is no.

When you view someone’s story on Facebook, the only information they get is that you’ve seen their story. Your name will be visible in their story viewers list, but no matter how many times you replay their stories, the creator of the story has no way of knowing it.

Therefore, you can enjoy watching and re-watching Facebook stories without worrying about the creator being notified each time.

Facebook users can control who views their stories, providing a level of privacy to their shared content. Moreover, they can customize their audience for each story, choosing whether to make it accessible to everyone or just a select group.

This ability to tailor content for specific audiences allows users to create more personalized and relevant stories for different groups of followers or friends.


Facebook stories offer a dynamic way to share moments of your life with friends and followers. Despite their temporary nature, they come with a variety of features that enhance the storytelling experience. However, when it comes to the question of whether someone can see if you replay their Facebook story, the answer is no. The current notification system does not inform the story creator about replays, allowing viewers the freedom to watch stories as many times as they like without the creator knowing. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, go ahead and enjoy your Facebook stories experience without any hesitation!

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