How to Register on PTI Raabta App

According to top PTI official Asad Umar, PTI Chairman Imran Khan plans to launch a smartphone app to boost the party’s membership.

According to a statement from the PTI leader on the microblogging site, Party Chairman is expected to launch the PTI’s membership drive today. In addition, an android application named “PTI Raabta App” would be developed to help in this effort.

Pakistan has 2.7 million supporters of Imran Khan. Fortunately, technology will aid in bringing these followers together.

The PTI Raabta App will simplify you to join the PTI family. You may download the application if you have an iPhone and an Android phone simultaneously.

PTI Chairman Imran Khan will be able to communicate with his supporters using this app. But, in truth, the chairman’s decision will be influenced by the general public’s opinions.

The leadership of PTI is hoping that the organization’s membership will set new benchmarks.

Purpose of PTI Raabta App

  • To boost the number of people who join.
  • Making PTI a formal authority.
  • To assure the fairness of the party’s elections.
  • To get information about PTI supporters.
  • Ensure a level playing field.

Communication between PTI followers and the leadership should be two-way to bridge the gap.

Modern technology can be put to effective use at this time. Imran Khan claims that the PTI Raabta App would help create a nation that will benefit Pakistan.

Raabta App on Google Play Store

Raabta App on Apple Store

How to Register on PTI Raabta App

Everyone can easily register in PTI Rabta Application. Millions of people already use this application. Every day, these people are getting support.

You could also join this in a couple of minutes. Once you have successfully registered, you’ll be willing to ask any questions.

You will be willing to communicate by using this application. For example, you may get to know the party’s members and officials by talking to them.

You’ll be eligible to join the PTI team after some time. Asad Umar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Imran Khan have asked all PTINs to enter their app.

Asad Umar spoke at a news conference in Islamabad on the relevance of the PTI Raabta app.

All Pakistanis, especially those who support Imran Khan, have the option to join the Imran Khan team.

This application will keep you up to date on everything going on. Imran Khan claimed that this app would help the party become an institution in an interview with the media.

Pakistan’s meritocracy may be ensured with the help of this software. Moreover, nepotism and family politics in Pakistan will be extinguished thanks to this app forever.

This application’s overarching purpose is to promote meritocracy. Because of this app, everyone will have a chance to get to the top of mainstream politics.

The fact that Pakistan is already a democratic country only improves the country’s democratic standards.

Terms & Conditions for Pakistani

  • Personal information will not be given to anyone.
  • All of the details given are up to date to the best of my knowledge.
  • When information is proven to be false, the Party can take appropriate action.
  • I decided to pay the annual membership and any other required contribution.
  • I relieve PTI and its authorized agents from liability if my credentials/App/ID are abused.
  • Please use contact details for all official and general PTI communications, including but not restricted to Party and other major issue initiatives and intra-party elections, and local and general elections and by-elections.
  • I understand that this permission includes using my contact info for survey data and other PTI communications and official and general PTI communications.

Terms & Conditions for Overseas Pakistani

  • Personal information will not be given to anyone.
  • All of the details given are up to date to the best of my knowledge.
  • When information is proven to be false, the Party can take appropriate action.
  • I agree to pay the Membership Fee following the PTI’s OIC’s instructions, including the amount, currency, and mode. Membership fees are non-refundable, cannot be transferred forward, and expire at a specified set date by OIC from time to time. I agree with this.
  • Suppose my credentials/App/ID are exploited. In that case, I release PTI and its legal representative from all liability, and I will not utilize my GDPR rights in this respect.
  • PTI is to make use of whatever they choose.

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