Family Registration Certificate from Pakistan

Pakistan’s Certificate of Family Registration NADRA has issued a legal document identifying the family’s nationality as Pakistani, the Family Registration Certificate (FRC). It also has information on the make-up of your family.

According to the National Database Regulatory Authority, the Family Registration Certificate (FRC) is a vital document for verifying your identity and the make-up of your family (NADRA). To be eligible for a visa, you must have this document.

A travel passport can be used for official purposes, such as to study abroad or apply for immigration. In to buy or sell the property on behalf of someone else, you’ll need the NADRA Family Registration Certificate, which is also a requirement.

Family Registration Certificate Pakistan

Do you want to find FRC? If you don’t know how to apply for it, don’t worry. We’ve got this. The Family Registration Certificate is given by the National Regulatory Authority (NADRA) (FRC). The identity and family composition of a person both are verified by this document. For most embassies, the FRC is a necessity, although it cannot be used for legal purposes.


Foreign citizens who are applying for a visa must submit this document to prove a relationship or connection by blood, marriage, or adoption. There is no legal use for this document. Obtaining a NADRA Marriage Certificate can be difficult for Pakistanis.

Nadra Family Registration Certificate Pakistan

If they live in the United States, Canada, or the United Arab Emirates, they can be able to go to Pakistan. They are unable to travel to Pakistan because of their job responsibilities. How can I apply for a NADRA Marriage Certificate (FRC) from the Ministry of Interior?

The Family Registration Certificate of Nadra can be acquired by Pakistani citizens. FRC is another name for the Family Tree. The Nadra family tree is a digital file that contains all of the database’s family members.

Requirements and procedures to get an FRC

All family ID cards and B forms are compatible with their family registration certificate Nadra. In Pakistan, online marriage and divorce are unique legal services that require Sharia and legislation papers in order to be legally registered. The entire procedure has to be carried out in accordance with the proper government entities.

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Ways To Apply For Nadra Family Registration Certificate

Other uses include updating the marriage records and helping with immigration. In spite of the abundance of internet resources, understanding the legal criteria and specifics of online marriage registration can be a problem. The bride and groom can find the process of divorce documentation to be confusing. When dealing with papers that are either invalid or incomplete, they may run into difficulties.

Nadra FRC 2022 Family Registration Certificate

Nikah, marriage registration, and the NADRA Marriage Certificate are just a few of the legal services that Zahid Law Associates offers to clients from all over the world. Laws have been complied with. You can count on us to provide only the best quality legal representation.

NADRA Family Registration Certificate is a name you may not be familiar with. The family member’s National Database System (NDS) record is shown on this certificate. An FRC is needed for anyone applying for a visa in place of a family member.

Location Description Contact No
Islamabad Technical Support 051-90392440 051-9203864
Information 051-90392470
Multan Technical Support Information 061-9239572
Lahore Technical Support 042-9239829
Information 042-9239825
Peshawar Technical Support Information 091-9217046
Karachi Technical Support 021-4398291
Information 021-4547017
Quetta Technical Support Information 081-9211736
Faisalabad Technical Support Information 041-9239183
Suldour Technical Support Information 071-5631439
NADRA Call Centre
Islamabad 051-111-786-100
Lahore 042-111-786-100

Family Registration Certificate Apply Online

All members of a family planning on traveling to another country must complete the FRC. Of all, who doesn’t like the prospect of having complete access to every piece of information? Online registration for an FRC certificate is explained in detail in this article.

To help you complete the family registration procedure, this is available. In addition, people who are looking for information on how to register their family with NADRA online would find this informative.

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