Virgin Mobile KSA Internet Packages – Virgin Mobile Internet Data Plans

The different types of Virgin Mobile internet packages in the KSA are listed below. These tables help you quickly select the best Virgin Mobile data plans for your need.    

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Mixed Plans

PriceDataSocial DataLocal CallValidity
SAR 7010 GB500 Min30 Days
SAR 10025 GB5 GB750 Min30 Days
SAR 15020 GBUnlimited3000 Min30 Days
SAR 215100 GBUnlimited5000 Min30 Days
  • Dial *108# to activate these packages.
  • Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin Social Media Platforms.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Data Plans

SAR 350 MB1 Day
SAR 15500 MB7 Days
SAR 21700 MB30 Days
SAR 241 GB30 Days
SAR 452 GB30 Days
SAR 704 GB30 Days
SAR 908 GB30 Days
SAR 10010 GB30 Days
SAR 12020 GB30 Days
SAR 14040 GB30 Days
SAR 17080 GB30 Days
SAR 180100 GB30 Days
SAR 18010 GB90 Days
SAR 23050 GB60 Days
SAR 350100 GB90 Days
  • Dial *110# to activate these packages.

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Local Call Plan

PriceLocal CallValidity
SAR 1250 min30 Days
SAR 17125 min30 Days
SAR 25250 min30 Days
  • Dial *121# to activate these packages.

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