PTI’s Imran Khan Jalsa Schedule After Eid ul Adha 2022

Imran Khan, Chairman of the PTI and ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, announced a busy schedule of public rallies across Punjab before the PTI’s lengthy march to Islamabad.

Imran Khan has recently called for a long march to Islamabad, intending to bring 2 million people with him. The exact date will have to be revealed. He wants to perform standing in Islamabad until new elections occur.

Imran Khan stated in a recent video that the PTI would issue a march appeal to Islamabad during the last week. To motivate people, he has scheduled a frantic program of public gatherings in six cities of Punjab immediately following Eid-ul-Adha.

Imran Khan will begin the gatherings on May 6 at Mianwali. It should be mentioned that, after Eid, the PML-N scheduled its gatherings, which would be conducted by the party’s Maryam Nawaz, as well as the gathering schedule.

PTI’s Imran Khan Jalsa Schedule After Eid ul Adha 2022

Serial NoDateVenue / Constituency Name/No
16th July 2022 (Wednesday)PP-202 Chichawatni (Sahiwal)
27th July 2022 (Thursday)PP-158 Lahore & PP-140 Sheikhupura
38th July 2022 (Friday)PP-7 Rawalpindi & PP-83 Khushab
49th July 2022 (Saturday)PP-125 18-Hazari (Jhang)
*10th July 2022 (Sunday)Break for Eid Day
511th July 2022 (Monday)PP- 224 & PP-228 (Lodharan) and PP_272 & PP-273 (Muzaffargarh)
612th July 2022 (Tuesday)PP-90 (Bhakkar) & PP-282 (Layyah)
713th July 2022 (Wednesday)PP-127 Mochiwala (Jhang) & PP-97 Chak Jhumra (Faisalabad)
814th July 2022 (Thursday)PP-217 Chowk Shah Abbas / Mumtazabad (Multan) & PP-288 (Dera Ghazi Khan)
915th July 2022 (Friday)PP-167, PP-168 & PP-170 Lahore

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