Namanzoor.com website includes a dollar button for donation

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For anyone wanting to give from the United States, the NaManzoor.com portal now includes the option of contributing in US dollars.

According to information, NaManzoor.com has revamped its portal and included a dollar option for foreign Pakistanis residing in the United States. As a result, overseas Pakistanis in the United States can make donations in dollars, while the rest of the globe can make donations in Euros.

Namanzoor.com website includes a dollar button for donation

It is worth noting that the Chairman of PTI and EX-PM, Imran Khan, has just started a website called Imported Govt Na Manzoor to receive donations from Pakistanis living abroad.

Imran Khan announced the website in a video greeting Pakistanis living abroad. But, he urged, let us stop the plot and move the country to elections.

According to Imran Khan, a plan to destabilize the country was planned with the help of outsiders. He claimed that putting the most corrupt leaders in Pakistan on the people has offended 220 million people.

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