Gaming consoles will be redesigned in 2022; which one will you choose?

When a considerable amount of time has elapsed among console generation, the redesign of gaming consoles is fairly common. However, this may be frustrating for fans who are impatient to purchase every new release on a system.

However, fresh console launches are nothing new in today’s gaming world. Redesigns and updated consoles have been around since the NES first appeared on the market generations earlier.  

Gaming consoles will be redesigned in 2022

If you’re already trying to have your eyes on a PS 5, you’ll know that the process is almost as difficult as getting your eyes on the system. Unfortunately, because of the company’s inability to keep up with desire amid record-breaking sales, the company may be forced to take drastic steps to get inventory moving again.    

PS5 Design

Gaming consoles will be redesigned in 2021; which one will you choose?

Sony aims to sell 14.8 million units by 2022, but to do so, the company will need to make specific changes to meet consumer demand. Among the suggestions made by Totoki was that we seek an additional resource or modify the design of the existing game console. It’s possible that Sony tried to make the PS5 appear better. Perhaps it was influenced by the extremely popular all-black PS5 mod that is now trending.    

Nintendo Switch

Gaming consoles will be redesigned in 2021; which one will you choose?

In fact, Nintendo has a history of updating both its home consoles and portable devices, as seen by the several Wii revisions and DS iterations. So it’s a good time to reflect on how radical – or not! – some of Nintendo’s design leaps have been over the years, especially in light of the announcement of the Switch (OLED model), which will include a larger 7-inch OLED screen, a more comprehensive, enhanced audio, adjustable base stand, a wired LAN port in the dock and 64GB of internal storage.    

XBox Series X redesign

Gaming consoles will be redesigned in 2021; which one will you choose?

Regardless of the fact that Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X have only been in the market for a little and over 7 months, it appears like Microsoft is working on a mid-gen upgrade, similar to what we’ve seen with the Xbox One X.  

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, on the other hand, has disputed that new hardware would be released immediately and has stated that he does not expect an Xbox Series X model update soon.  

Microsoft’s Xbox One X and Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro were the first mid-generation gaming console upgrades, providing much more technical horsepower to both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. In addition, slim versions and console refreshes have grown significantly more common, and Microsoft upgraded the Xbox One in 2016 with the Xbox One S model, which had been on the market for three years at the time of the update.

The Xbox One X, which will be released next year, will bring 4K gaming to Microsoft’s home console. Microsoft also released an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in 2019, available only online.

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