Next-Gen PS5 Games To Get Right Now – USA 2023

The PlayStation 5 is still popular, especially since this year there are a lot of brand-new games for the next generation. The opening months of 2023 have given us some stellar games. We do agree that the PlayStation 5 comes with quite a price tag and getting your hands on one of these consoles is not so easy. However, if you have one, it is highly recommended that you use games that take full advantage of the features of the console.

The next-generation games do justice to the price tag and deliver you exemplary visuals and silky smooth gameplay that take you to a place that seems unreal. You can also play these games with multiple players online, though you would need a high-speed internet for that. So, for steady yet affordable internet, contact CenturyLink customer service and get the best internet plan for your residence. 

Next-Gen PS5 Games To Get Right Now – USA 2023

Without making you wait any further, let’s get into the list.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the latest edition of the legendary Assassin’s Creed series that has left its mark on almost every gaming platform. Valhalla is one of the first games to fully utilize the next-generation features of the PlayStation 5, and it is one of the best entries in the series to date.

The game puts you in the fur-lined shoes of the Viking leader of clan Eivor. It doesn’t matter if you are following the missions or just sailing onto the shore, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has recreated the Viking age with the utmost perfection and details.

With the brutal combat and the customization feature, the hub bursts with life, and Evior’s brilliant protagonist makes you fall in love with the game even more. The game targets 60fps on PS5, which gives it mind-blowing graphics and has high-quality voice acting. 

The Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut

Even if you have played the PlayStation 4 version, the release of Ghost of Tsushima’s PS5 version is worth diving into. The PS5 version upgrades the game and takes it up to 4K graphics running at 60fps, commendable dual sense features, and 3D audio support, which takes the PS5 console to the ride that it deserves. It makes a massive difference in the game’s responsiveness, especially in combat, and the frame rate boosts the spectacular scenery and in-game cinematics to life. 

The director’s cut is worth the extra money for its DLC expansion, which comes with a brand-new storyline on a whole new island. The game has about 12 hours or so of great samurai combat on top of an already gigantic game, and it now includes multiplayer, giving it, even more, replay value.

The Ghost of Tsushima is surely an epitome of next-gen games, and with the right equipment, it can show you what high dynamic range can do.

Forbidden West Horizon

Horizon Forbidden West has lived up to its expectations and did well by its predecessor. It is an excellent sequel to a wonderful game. In the game, players can choose between a smoother 60fps performance mode and a target resolution of 4k.

Just like Horizon Zero Dawn, this one also has incredible character animation, scenic views, and locations, with gigantic robotic creature designs. However, it’s Aloy’s story that shakes you most. Since the last, we know that Aloy has retreated from those closest to her to focus on a new mission: saving the world from a plague. With zero spoilers, it is safe to say that Aloy’s latest journey will see the warrior’s reconnection with humanity. 

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales 

Marvel brought in a new Spiderman for the new console. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a follow-up to the game of the year award-winning web-slinging spider man from the previous generation.

The games put you in Miles’ branded sneakers and make you go through the rookie web-slinging. With Peter on a sabbatical, it’s Miles’s job to take over the crime-fighting city of New York. The game delivers a cinematic experience that can very easily compete with Hollywood’s best MCU movies. It is like being in a movie. The game takes the PS5 ray tracing feature to test and has a smooth 60fps performance mode.

The game has a blasting soundtrack that keeps you on your toes and detailed visuals. So if you loved the original Spider-Man game launched earlier and want to take another stroll in the streets of New York, then you should buy this game without a second thought. And with the sequel around the corner, this game becomes a must-have right now.

Wrapping Up

You need to get these next-gen games now and make the most out of your PS5 purchase.

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