Saudi Scholar Declares YouTube Earnings as Haram

Asim al-Hakim a renowned Saudi scholar and Imam of Jeddah Mosque has declared earnings from YouTube as haram, or forbidden in Islamic law. This declaration was made in response to a query posed by a Twitter user named Abdul Maqtadir, who sought clarity on whether income derived from YouTube is considered halal (permissible) or haram.

Al-Hakim who is a prominent figure in the Islamic community did not elaborate on his statement regarding the forbidden status of YouTube earnings. However, he has previously expressed views on this topic on his own YouTube channel. Four years ago, he acknowledged that being a YouTuber has emerged as a significant occupation for the younger generation.

The scholar’s stance is that the permissibility of earning from YouTube is contingent upon the nature of the content uploaded by the YouTuber. If the content is deemed haram, such as music, women, indecent conversations, obscenity, and immorality, then the income generated from it would also be considered haram.

Asim al-Hakim is a respected figure in the Islamic world, leading Friday prayers at Jeddah Mosque and appearing as a host and guest on several television programs. He has also delivered lectures at various universities across Asia and Europe. His views on YouTube earnings reflect a nuanced understanding of the intersection between modern technology and traditional Islamic principles.

Farah Qaiser

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