QAR TO PKR: Qatari Riyal to PKR Exchange Rates 31 Oct 2023

On October 31, 2023, the exchange rates between the Qatari Riyal (QAR) and the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) were reported by WikiTechLibrary.

According to the Pakistan Open Market, the buying exchange rate for QAR to PKR was set at PKR 76.79. This means that one could buy one Qatari Riyal for 76.79 Pakistani Rupees. On the other hand, the selling exchange rate for QAR to PKR was slightly higher, standing at PKR 77.49. This indicates that one could sell one Qatari Riyal for 77.49 Pakistani Rupees.

Today’s Qatari Riyal to PKR


QAR To PKR Open Market Forex Rates

It’s important to note that exchange rates are subject to fluctuations based on global supply and demand dynamics. Therefore, these rates may not remain constant and can change over time. The information provided by wikitechlibrary is sourced from the Forex Association of Pakistan, ensuring its reliability and accuracy.

US Dollar280.6283.1
British Pound344347.4
UAE Dirham78.2579
Saudi Riyal74.875.8
Kuwaiti Dinar903.86912.86
Canadian Dollar204206
Australian Dollar178.25180
Omani Riyal727.9735.9
Japanese Yen1.651.72
Malaysian Ringgit58.4859.08
Qatari Riyal76.7977.49
Bahrain Dinar745.28753.28
Thai Bhat7.727.87
Chinese Yuan38.2738.67
Hong Kong Dollar35.6235.97
Danish Krone39.5539.95
New Zealand Dollar162.79164.79
Singapore Dollar202204
Norwegians Krone25.0225.32
Swedish Krona25.1725.47
Swiss Franc311.55314.05
Indian Rupee3.363.47

In addition to providing current exchange rates, we also offer historical data on exchange rates, which can be useful for those interested in tracking currency trends or making informed financial decisions. However, it’s worth noting that banks in Pakistan may charge a higher exchange rate on currency exchanges compared to the open market rates.

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