WhatsApp Launches Editing Feature For Sent Messages

WhatsApp is working hard to provide new features, particularly those that other similar applications have had for a long time. They have now included an editing tool.

You can now edit messages you’ve already sent on WhatsApp. Simply press and hold the message you want to edit, then select the ‘Edit’ option from the menu.

Note that you only edit messages within the first 15 minutes of sending them. Keep this in mind at all times. When you make changes to a previously sent message, the word ‘Edited’ appears next to it when others read it.

This means you can’t edit messages in private without others knowing. The history of revisions, however, will be hidden. Note that all of these messages will still be encrypted from beginning to end, protecting privacy.

The new feature is presently being rolled out to WhatsApp users globally, and it will be available to everyone in the coming weeks.

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