Punjab Increases Fee for Matric Exams

In Punjab, all BISEs have announced an increase in the fee for the upcoming annual matriculation examination. The hike in fees is applicable across all nine BISEs in the province. Previously set at Rs 550, the matric exam fee has now been raised by Rs 150 to Rs 700.

Students are required to pay several other charges. These include Rs 200 for the development fund, Rs 80 for the scholarship fund, Rs 100 as a sports fee, and Rs 530 for processing the admission form. Furthermore, the cost of the admission form itself has been set at Rs 100.

The revised fee structure varies depending on the group of subjects a student is enrolled in. Regular science group and arts group students will both pay a total fee of Rs 1400, while general group students will pay Rs 1300. For private candidates, the fee structure is slightly different; private science group and arts group students will each pay Rs 1500, whereas private general group students will pay Rs 1400.

After accounting for all additional charges, the total admission fee for regular science group students amounts to Rs 3,110, and for regular arts group students, it is Rs 3,010, excluding any practical examination fees. Private science group students will see their total admission fee rise to Rs 3,210, as will private arts group students who have practical exams.

The deadline for submitting admission forms with a single fee is December 12. After this date, the boards will accept forms with a double fee until December 26, and then with a triple fee from December 27 to January 3.


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