Metadoro Reviews: The Perfect Blend of Trading and Investment Opportunities

Despite the fact that for a long time active trading and investing were activities far from each other, the line between them is gradually blurring. Many traders are looking at long-term investments, especially after the last crash in the stock markets.

At the same time, conservative investors are beginning to look at trading as an opportunity to increase their income. The Metadoro platform offers its clients a universal solution: a comfortable environment for both active trading and investment. Consider the key points and user reviews about this service.

Trading with Metadoro

Let’s start with something that is common for many people – trading in the financial markets. There are several important points on which the final outcome largely depends. First and foremost is the technical equipment. Trading with delays, slippages, and server failures can be inconvenient. However, in Metadoro, there are no such issues. Moreover, trading orders are executed within just 20-30 milliseconds.

One of the platform’s users, Nikolas, shares his trading experience, saying: “I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of the Metadoro terminal. Sometimes it feels like the transaction is executed even before I click the mouse button. This is definitely a plus for the company.” It’s worth noting that fast and reliable technical conditions should be the industry standard, and Metadoro meets that expectation. Let’s move on to another review.

The next important aspect is the costs for traders to trade. This means spreads, and various commissions. For example, for currency pairs, the difference between the buy and sell prices starts from 0 pips. Of course, it all depends on the time of day and the trading session, but according to many Metadoro reviews, low client costs can be considered one of the main advantages of the platform. Why is it important?

The trend in the behavior of financial market participants unequivocally demonstrates a reduction in the time to hold positions, as well as an active growth in trading volumes. More and more traders are moving into short-term trading.

The more transactions are made during the day, the greater the costs. 10 trades with a spread of 1 point will give 10 points of lost profit. And if it was 20 points per day, then the trader theoretically lost a third of his potential income, when compared with a spread of 0 points. Hence such increased attention to trading conditions in the context of commissions. Metadoro reviews mark the level of trading conditions. 

Leverage is not fixed for all instruments and reaches its maximum value of 1:500 on currency pairs. Stock market instruments are available with leverage up to 1:100. For cryptocurrencies, for obvious reasons, the leverage is much less. This is due to the high volatility of digital assets. As for trading instruments, everything is very attractive here – there are securities of companies, stock indices, commodities, energy and precious metals – everything that traders love.

Investments with Metadoro

The second direction of development in the Metadoro ecosystem is investments. This is expressed not only in the presence of such purely conservative instruments as bonds but also in a wide range of different assets for compiling portfolios.

For example, there are stocks that do not have high volatility and remain stable for a long time. Active traders are not interested in such securities, but for investors, dividend stocks are of great interest. Together with debt securities, they often form the basis of an investment portfolio. The convenience of trading in the Metatrader terminal is also noted.

Separately, one can single out such an opportunity as working with ready-made strategies. They are called Metadoro Kits and are presented on the platform website. In fact, these are investment ideas, each of which implements a popular algorithm:

  • Conservative assets with the possibility of receiving dividends.
  • Assets with great growth potential.
  • Resold assets.

The main advantage of the kits is to save time. The investor studies the companies selected by the service specialists and makes a decision; he does not have to spend time on an independent search. But this does not prevent changing the composition of the set or the weight of an individual asset in it. Sets can be used as a basis and create your own portfolio.


In conclusion, it can be noted that the opportunities for trading and investing on the Metadoro platform meet the needs of traders in the financial markets. Customer reviews fully confirm this – the service provides services at the proper level and corresponds to the level of industry leaders.

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