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How to Know who Unfollowed you on Instagram

Instagram depends on the following method. First, you should follow your account, and you’ll see the stories and posts of anyone in the news feed. Similarly, they might follow you if anyone would like to see your posts. Everything is too easy!    

Any people tend to raise their Instagram followers and use some techniques. Follow-up is one of the well-known techniques. Then what users do, they’re going to be watching your account, and they’ll only follow you again as you follow them.    

In fact, for many other reasons, some users will follow on Instagram too. Watching your followers drop off is very disturbing. You will check out someone has unfollowed you, and you can unfollow them as well.    

Unfortunately, Instagram has no built-in functionality to remind you of your followers. But you will check out who will unfollow you on Instagram in several other ways.    

Use an app to check your unfollowers

Followers – Unfollowers is a very famous app with more than 10 M+ downloads in the Play Store. This app allows you to watch your followers’ activity, like those who have just followed you. You could use this application if you’ve got an Android phone. This tutorial tells you how to do this step by step:    

  • The followers – Unfollowers application must be downloaded and installed on the Android smartphone. The Google Play Store helps you to install it freely.
  • Now, Open this application. The Privacy Policy pages is open. Click on the button, and then select the Continue button to agree to the terms.
  • First you will login to the Instagram account. Enter your username and password of the account.
  • Please remember that you send any third-party software your account login info, so we suggest that you update your password before using the app.
  • Upon signing into the app, the account will be analyzed to search the unfollowers. Based on the followers you have it might take some time.
  • After that, under Don’t follow page, you can see a list of those that don’t follow you. Switch to the latest unfollowers page and you can see those users on Instagram currently.

Use FollowMeter application for iOS device

You should use an application known as FollowMeter when you have an iOS device. This app can be downloaded free from Apple’s App Store. Like the previous application, you can also sign in to Instagram with the FollowMeter application. After that, your account is analyzed, and you will see people who follow you.    

How to check manually someone unfollowed you

You do not need to use any third-party app if there is a specific user to verify if they have unfollowed you. Instead, only open your phone and enter the official Instagram app. Then, click on the number of your follower.    

A search choice will be shown on the screen. First, specify the person’s name/username. This is because it could have followed you if it did not appear in the search results. Then, go to the Instagram profile of the user to check if you are on the following list.  

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