How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Instagram Threads

In the wake of recent changes to Twitter, including a controversial rate limit introduced by Elon Musk, many users have been seeking an alternative platform. Mark Zuckerberg has capitalized on this opportunity by launching Threads by Instagram, a text-based micro-blogging app akin to Twitter.

The app has seen a massive influx of users, with over 50 million joining in just one day. To ensure the security of your account on Threads, it’s recommended to enable two-factor authentication (2FA).

Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Instagram Threads

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do so:

  1. Begin by opening the Threads app and navigating to your profile.
  2. Once there, tap on the menu icon located in the top-right corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Account’ and then ‘Security’. This will redirect you to the Meta Account Center.
  4. In the Meta Account Center, look for the option labeled ‘Two-factor authentication’ and tap on it.
  5. At this point, you’ll be asked to choose your Instagram account. Since Threads uses your Instagram account as an identifier, enabling 2FA on your Instagram account will also activate it for Threads.
  6. You’ll then be prompted to select a security method. For simplicity, this guide will use SMS, but you can also opt for an authentication app or WhatsApp for added security.
  7. After selecting SMS, you’ll receive a one-time PIN on your phone number. Enter this PIN when prompted.
  8. With that, you’ve successfully enabled two-factor authentication on both Threads and Instagram.
  9. As an additional security measure, it’s highly recommended to generate backup codes. To do this, tap on ‘Additional methods’.
  10. From the options presented, select ‘Backup codes’.
  11. Make sure to save these backup codes in a secure location. If you ever lose access to your chosen authentication method, these codes will allow you to sign in to your Threads or Instagram account.

Remember, if you ever wish to delete or deactivate your Threads account, or even change your username, there are guides available to assist you. And if Threads doesn’t meet your expectations, there are other Twitter alternatives worth exploring.

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