Empowering Young Minds through Digital Chess Play

Few games can boast a rich history spanning over 1500 years like chess. This classic board game has successfully endured the test of time since its inception around 600 A.D., evolving and adapting to the changing world as it migrated from the east to the west. 

The landscape of chess was forever altered in 1985, marking the dawn of an era shaped by technological advancements. That year, chess legend  Gary Kasparov won 32 games against computers. However, by 1996, IBM’s “Deep Blue” defeated Kasparov, marking the first computer victory over a human. This triumph was repeated in 1997, affirming that technology could outdo human skill in chess. Today, chess software significantly outperforms humans, aiding Grandmasters in strategy improvement. 

Technology has made chess accessible to young players all over the world, offering significant developmental benefits. Chess mastery enhances a child’s critical thinking, problem-solving, and math skills, promoting a positive learning attitude. Despite its complexity, tech advancements have led to apps that simplify the game for children, serving as a great starting point to explore chess. Now, let’s take a look at some of the top-notch apps that have been successful in making the intricate game of chess enjoyable and understandable for our young learners.

Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess

Chess grandmaster Magnus Carlsen’s app, Magnus’ Kingdom of Chess, is a tool for children aged 4-8 to learn chess. Available on Google Play and the App Store, it uses interactive RPG gameplay to introduce chess rules.

This app:

  • Teaches chess through fun gameplay
  • Includes puzzle battles for learning strategy
  • Offers incentives like collecting coins, unveiling new characters and costumes


Presented by chess.com, ChessKid.com is a comprehensive platform, also available as Chess for Kids- Play & Learn in the App Store. It offers free accounts for users on browsers and on Apple and Android devices. It’s brimming with lessons, puzzles and live games for kids aged 4 and up.

With a free account, kids can learn and compete against bots or other players. It offers:

  • Detailed lessons with videos and articles
  • Several playing modes: peer-to-peer, bot, tournaments or at a slower pace
  • Live play options with friends or in clubs

Kids Academy Chess Course

Kids Academy is a comprehensive edutainment platform for kids. It covers an array of subjects and topics, which are presented in a fun and engaging way. Their premier app, Talented and Gifted, helps kids gain new knowledge and master new skills through preschool learning videos, worksheets, games and quizzes. 

The Children’s Chess Course offered by Kids Academy presents an excellent avenue to introduce your young learners to the game of chess! Tailored for children aged 4 to 8, the course follows a structured module format that begins with the basic elements of the game. As students navigate each section, they build on the understanding developed in previous modules, thus advancing through the app and continually enhancing their abilities.

Here are some of the app’s standout features:

  • Engaging suitable videos and lessons for children, guided by a proficient chess expert
  • Interactive worksheets that deliver instant feedback
  • Interactive chess puzzle game designed to implement the learnt skill

Overall, The Kids Academy Talented and Gifted app is known not only for its comprehensive children’s chess course, but also for being a perfect educational platform providing a wide range of gamified courses and encompassing subjects like math, English, Science and Social Studies. One standout feature is the gamified lessons which include interactive activities like math worksheets for kindergarten, which transform education into an enjoyable and engaging journey. You can find the Talented and Gifted app on Google Play and App Store.

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