COMSATS Islamabad CUI Merit List 2023

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) has recently announced its second merit list for admissions into Bachelor’s degree programs for the year 2023. The university is expected to release its third merit list soon.

The merit list announcement has drawn the attention of thousands of students across the country, particularly those interested in the esteemed Computer Science and IT programs offered by the university. The recent engineering program entry test has resulted in a noticeable increase in program merit, indicating a high level of competition among applicants.

Established in 1998, CUI has rapidly developed into a research-intensive institution, offering a wide range of academic disciplines from fundamental sciences to pioneering technologies. The university also hosts several interdisciplinary research centers, providing an ideal environment for advanced studies leading to MS and PhD degrees.

CUI’s growth is multifaceted, with eight fully operational campuses, increased student enrollment, faculty strength, academic offerings, research contributions, and community engagement. Its tripartite mission of Research and Discovery, Teaching and Learning, and Outreach and Public Service has established CUI as a preferred choice for both undergraduate and graduate pursuits.

The university holds a commendable ranking, standing third among General Universities in Pakistan and holding the top spot in Computer Science and IT. Its research productivity earned it the second position as per the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Ranking of 2015, released in February 2016. CUI’s recognition extends internationally, being ranked among the top 250 Asian Universities.

An essential part of CUI’s academic landscape is the Student Startup Business Center (SSBC), which nurtures the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation within the academic realm.

The closing merits for various Undergraduate programs at COMSATS Islamabad have been unveiled. A slight decrease of 1% is anticipated in forthcoming merit lists for select programs. This announcement is eagerly awaited by candidates seeking admission to this prestigious university.

BS Computer Sciences87.10
BS Software Engineering85.42
BS Artificial  Intelligence85.33
BS Cyber Security84.59
BS Data Sciences84.33
BS Computer Engineering80.32
BS Business Data Analytics66.21
BS Electrical Engineering55.08
BS Electrical Electronics Engineering55.54
BS Accounting & Finance59.77
BS Business Administration50.02
BS Bio Sciences53.64
BS Chemistry53.04
BS Bio Informatics51.87
BS Physics51.64
BS English51.05
BS Electronics51.02
BS Math50.40
BS Economics50.08
BS Remotc Sensing & GIS50.08
BS Auditing & Taxation50.06
BS Psychology50.04
BS Media & Communication Studies50.02

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