What is a 500 Internal Server Error and how to fix it?

Sometimes, if you visit your Website and suddenly see 500 Internal Server Error messages, it means that something has gone wrong with your WordPress website. It is not because of your browser, laptop, PC, or internet connection. This 500 internal server error has occurred only on your Website.

What is the causes of 500 Internal Server Error

The 500 Internal Server Error is standard. It happens when some unexpected things happen with your web server, like corrupting the .htaccess. For example, the PHP memory limit is reached due to the plugin, and WordPress core files are corrupted. And your server does not provide any information, and instead of showing you a standard website, it starts showing 500 Internal Server Error.

How to fix 500 Internal Server Error

I have told you some easy methods to fix this Internal server error in your WordPress Website. With the help of this method, you will be quickly set 500 internal server errors that suddenly came into yWebsitesite.

Step 1. Re-create the .htaccess file

The .htaccess file in a WordPress site is file configuration and is used in WordPress to set the structure of permalinks. If you have a tiny mistake configuring it, you may face an internal server error. You will re-create this file. To create this file, you will have to log in to your web hosting Cpanel. A dashboard is open in front of you; click on file manager. Now, Go to the root directory, find the .htaccess file, and rename it to something like “.htaccess old file.” Go to Settings then click on Permalinks, and then the Save Changes button without making any changes. WordPress will automatically create a .htaccess file for your site. Now your site will normally start again without any internal server error.

Step 2. Plugin Deactivate

If your internal server error does not resolve even after creating the .htaccess file, then you will have to Deactivate all the plugins from your site. To deactivate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard, you have to click on the Plugin section and then deactivate all the plugins. If you cannot access your WordPress admin Dashboard, you will log in to your Web Hosting cPanel, go to the root directory, and click on “wp-content.” Now all the plugins from your site will be deactivated. If your site is now open, there was a WordPress plugin due to this 500 internal server error. Nothing to worry about. To fix this, again log into your web hosting cPanel and rename the renamed plugins_OLD folder to the plugin again. Then, go to the WordPress dashboard and activate the plugins one by one.

Step 3. Increase the PHP memory limit

If the problem of your internal server error is still not solved, you have to increase the PHP memory limit of your Web Hosting. Go to the cPanel of your Web Hosting to increase the PHP memory limit. Then edit the wp-config.php file. Now / / you all, stop editing! Happy blogging. Before the * / message, you have to add the below code to it define (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ’64M’); If your PHP memory limit does not increase even after increasing the PHP memory limit, you will have to contact your host.

Step 4. Upload WordPress core files

If you still see the same issue on your site, you will have to upload a new WordPress core file.   To upload WordPress core files, use FTP instead of file manager. Extract the WordPress ZIP file, then delete the wp-content folder and wp-config-sample.php file. Then upload it to your WordPress cPanel via FTP. Your FTP client will prompt duplicate files; then, you have to choose the Overwrite duplicate files. One of these points will fix the internal server error on your WordPress site, and if you cannot, you can contact your support team. Or hire a WordPress developer!

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