How to Setup Bing URL Submissions Plugin with WordPress

Hello friends! Today in this article, we will talk about setup Instant Bing URL Submissions Plugin with WordPress. And also, we will know how to install this Bing URL Submissions plugin on the WordPress website. So we will discuss all these things in this article. So keep staying with this article and know more detail about this Plugin.  

Bing Search Engine is most commonly used after Google. For your information, Bing is a Web Search Engine. We use it precisely the same way as we do in Google to search for anything on the Internet. By the way, the world’s largest search engine is Google at that present time.  

Now we have to talk about the publishers because Bing is making many changes in its publisher sector day by day and making your User-interface (UI) much Advanced. So recently, Bing introduced his webmaster User-interface based on the earlier Old UI. It has now been converted to Bing New webmaster tool. This WebMaster is similar in appearance to the Google Webmaster Tool.     

What is the Bing URL Submissions Plugin?

Suppose you have a website on WordPress. Then, the Bing URL Submissions plugin becomes very important for your Website. Because when you write an article and publish it. And after this, you have to manually submit the URL of that article in Bing Search Console. And your article gets indexed quickly.  

If you have a blog, you must submit your blog Sitemap to the Bing search console. But we have to adopt a different method to get our article done Instant Index. By the way, Bingbot indexes itself, but this may take some time.  

Bing has launched a new and Advance Plugin named Bing URL Submissions Plugin. This Plugin works only with WordPress. If you use this Plugin, whenever you publish any of your new Blogpost, it indexes into Bing webmaster immediately through the plugin API.  

So now you must be thinking, should we use it? If you are a Blogger, you have to get your article indexed as soon as possible. And your article should be ranked as quickly as possible. By the way, many people do not use Bing Webmaster Tool. They are making a huge mistake because we get a considerable amount of Organic Traffic from Bing Search Engine.  

Bing Instant Index Plugin

Many people also say that our article Quick Index is not happening. And whether or not this Plugin will work in such a situation. Bing itself has officially launched this Bing URL Submissions Plugin. I also used this Plugin in my WordPress Sites. I have been using this Plugin for the last few days. And I have got an excellent result too.  

How to Setup Instant Bing URL Submissions Plugin

I told you above how you can quickly get your New Blog post URL Instant Indexed using this Plugin. I will recommit this Plugin to you if you want to rank your blog or its article in Bing as soon as possible. So in such a situation, it is now how we can easily set up this Plugin.  

I have explained below step by step how we can easily install this Instant Index Bing URL Submissions Plugin on our WordPress website? If you use this plugin in your WordPress website, you will benefit from it. You have followed the steps given below.    

Step # 1. Install Bing URL Submissions Plugin  

First, you have to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Plugin>> Add New Plugin. Now you have to see a search bar on the right corner here; search for “Bing URL Submissions Plugin.” The first Plugin you will know, you have to install it and activate it.    

Step # 2. Go to Bing webmaster & Click on Settings  

Now, Go to your Bing webmaster if you have not yet created an account with Bing Webmaster. Then first, you have to verify your Website in Bing Webmaster. This is very easy, and you can also verify your blog from Bing Webmaster Tool.   When you come to Bing Webmaster, first of all, you have to select your Domain Property and then click on the Setting icon, which appears on the top right side of the display screen.  

Step # 3. Create API & Get API Access  

After clicking on the Settings icon, you will see a popup. First, you have to click on API Access. Next, you will have two options in front of which you have to click on the API Key. Now your API will be shown in front of you. Then you have to copy the API by clicking on Copy Button.    

Step # 4. Paste API in Bing URL Submissions Plugin  

Now again, come to your WordPress dashboard. Here you will see a Bing webmaster function in the list on the left side; click on it. Now the dashboard of the Bing URL Submissions plugin will open in front of you, and you will paste the copied API key in the Add API Key Box and click on the Start Using Plugin.    

Now your Plugin will start working. You do not need to submit the URL Manually in Bing webmaster. Now, this Plugin will Automatically take your URL to Instant Index. And immediately your article will be shown in Bing Search Engine.    


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