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How to view Instagram Stories anonymously

When watching Instagram Stories, it’s important to note that the individual who uploaded the story can see who watched it. This doesn’t cause an issue, but there could be a time that you want to watch someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously.

There are a few ways to see stories without revealing your identity to the poster, though each option will have differing degrees of reliability.

Note: If you want to watch a private account’s stories anonymously, you must follow it; otherwise, the ways below would only work for public accounts.

How to view Instagram Stories anonymously

There are 3 methods to see Instagram Stories without informing the other person.

Use an anonymous Instagram account

The simplest best method to see someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously is to use an Instagram account that isn’t instantly identified with you.

If you already have a account set up, adding it to Instagram and toggling between the two when you want to watch someone’s Instagram Stories without them knowing is as simple as it gets.

If you haven’t previously done so, you’ll need to create a new Instagram account to adding it to the app.

Turn on airplane mode

It is possible to see someone’s Instagram Stories anonymously by enabling aeroplane mode on the smart phone before tapping on them.

You can possibly see one without being seen since Instagram constantly preloads several stories to allow quick viewing even when you don’t have a stable Wi-Fi or data connection.

To check this, open the Instagram app and browse to the account’s profile, then enable aeroplane mode on your smartphone before returning to the app and click on the user’s story.

However, if the individual in issue has uploaded many stories sequentially, the app likely won’t have preloaded them all thus they won’t all be available on airplane mode.

Use third-party app or site to view IG Stories anonymously

There are a lot of third-party applications and websites that claims to allow you to watch someone’s Instagram Stories without logging in. Many of these websites aren’t very secure, and others don’t even work, so use them at your own risk.

If you want to utilise one, the website Insta Stories successfully watched a public account’s stories without telling the user of a viewing in a test we ran. To see an account’s stories, enter an account username on the site’s homepage.

Note: This service only works on public accounts and cannot access the stories of private accounts.

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