How to Verify Vehicle Ownership in Punjab – MTMIS Punjab

Each region in Pakistan has its Vehicle Registration System, with its charges and regulations for car registration and renewals.

The Punjab Excise Department has built a Road Transport Data Management System, MTMIS Punjab. This automatic and in-house car registration data system gives the validity of the car registration and all key facts. Additionally, anybody looking to purchase or sell an automobile can use the MTMIS to validate vehicle ownership.

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification Online

  • Visit the MTMIS Punjab.
  • Fill in the blanks with your vehicle’s license number.
  • Choose “I’m not a robot” and press the ‘Search’ button.
  • You will get data similar to this.

Name of the Owner
Engine number
Registration number
Price of Vehicle
Recent taxes (paid or due)
Year of make

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification Via SMS

If you cannot attend the excise department or do not want to check online for whatever reason, you can do so through SMS. All must do is do the following simple steps:

Name of the Owner
Chassis number
Registration date
Engine number
Token paid

MTMIS Punjab Vehicle Verification of Registered Vehicles Offline

You might go to the Govt of Punjab’s Excise, Taxes, and Narcotics Control Department to fix your problem. Remember to include your car registration book, license number, tokens tax history, refund file, sale receipts, sale bill, and delivered letter.

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