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How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Mac Mini

The Mac Mini is a blind computer that must be connected to a display. If your company does not have a spare monitor, you can use an Apple laptop as a display for your Mac Mini. You are unable to connect the laptop to the Mac Mini directly, as you would use a standard display with a VGA or HDMI connector. You must first set up wireless screen sharing. As long as all of the devices are on the same network, you can remotely operate a Mac Mini from your laptop.

How to Use Laptop as Monitor for Mac Mini

  • Turn on your Mac Mini and connect it to the Internet using an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on an Apple laptop and go to “System Preferences” in the Apple Dock.
  • Click on “Sharing” under “Internet and Wireless.”
  • Choose “Screen Sharing.”
  • Open “Finder” from your Apple laptop’s Apple dock.
  • In the Finder, click the Shared icon and find the name of your Mac Mini device. Your Mac Mini is linked to the Internet through an Ethernet connection and is immediately identified via a wireless or Ethernet connection by the Finder.
  • Choose “Share Screen.” Use a username and password to log in. Following identification, you may use your Apple laptop as a monitor.

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