Two Public Holidays Declared by Sindh Government

The provincial government of Sindh has declared two public holidays. The news was reported on November 6, 2023, and it brings a wave of relaxation for the residents of the province.

The first holiday is scheduled for November 9, which is officially recognized as Iqbal Day. This day is commemorated to honor Allama Iqbal, a philosopher, poet, and politician in British India who is widely regarded as having inspired the Pakistan Movement

In addition to this, the Sindh government has also announced a holiday on November 13. This particular day off is dedicated to the Hindu community in recognition of Diwali, a major festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide.

These announcements reflect the government’s commitment to acknowledging and respecting the diverse cultural and religious backgrounds of its citizens. By recognizing these significant days, the Sindh government is promoting inclusivity and mutual respect among its diverse population.


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