Abbottabad Board HSSC Inter 1st Annual Exams 2023 Re-Totaling

BISE Abbottabad Board has officially announced the results of the Abbottabad Board HSSC 1st Annual Exams 2023. However, candidates who are not satisfied with their marks have the option to apply for a re-totaling of their marks.

This process allows students to have their marks reviewed again to ensure that they accurately reflect their performance in the exams. To apply for re-totaling, candidates must submit an application form along with the required fee.


The deadline for submission is October 31, 2023. If a candidate has already submitted a request for re-totaling and has appealed against a decision made by the disciplinary committee, they are advised to follow the Abbottabad Board Inter 1st Annual Exams 2023 Re-Totaling Procedure.

BISE Abbottabad HSSC 1st Annual Exams 2023 Re-Totaling Procedure

This procedure is designed to provide candidates with a fair opportunity to have their marks reassessed. It is important to note that this process is only available to those who have taken the HSSC 1st Annual Exams held by the Abbottabad Board in 2023. The board encourages all candidates to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure that their final marks accurately represent their academic performance.


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