Zong 14 August Offer 2023 | Zong Azadi Mubarak Discount Gift

Like all other networks, the “Zong 14 August Offer” was also launched by Zong. Free MB, Minutes, and SMS are available with the latest offers. In addition, Zong customers can also take advantage of special discounts on some Zong packages. Thus, all Patriots can look forward to Independence day.  

This year, Zong has shown how important Independence Day is to them. So, Zong rolled out a few free subscription offers + discounts on other packages.  

“Which offerings are free and which have been put on sale?” is the question of the year. Activating the free Internet, SMS, and Minutes is accessible with the following guidelines.  

Zong 14 August Offer 2023

Get Free Internet through My Zong App

The “Zong App” provides free internet service for its customers, as you are aware. The “Zong App” allows you to get free Zong MBs. To get free Internet MBs, follow the below instructions.  

Azadi Free Facebook

The social networking site Facebook is now available for free on Zong. Yes! Watch videos and photos on Facebook now. For free, you can upload photos and videos and update your status. To get this offer to follow the below steps:  

  • Turn your Mobile data to Zong SIM
  • Open the Facebook Lite app on your mobile
  • Click on the Free Mode option at the top bar.
  • Now you can enjoy the unlimited free Facebook 

Mega Data Offer (Get 50% Off)

“Zong Mega Data Offer” is now available at a 50% discount. Yes! Please don’t wait till the deal ends to take advantage of it. Subscribe to this offer by visiting Zong’s official website.  

  • Visit Zong’s official website to Subscribe to the Mega Data Offer.
  • You can also subscribe to this offer by dialing *808#.
  • To subscribe to this offer you will get 100 GB instead of 50 GB.
  • The price of this offer is still the same Rs 98.
  • You will get this offer at a 50 % discount.

  We hope that this post has been helpful to you. Feel free to ask us any questions regarding this service in the comment box below.

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