Slurpee Fans, Celebrate 7-Eleven’s Frosty ‘Slurpee Day’ Freebie

Every year on July 11, Slurpee lovers across the globe rejoice as they celebrate the frosty and fabulous ‘Slurpee Day’. This day is also fondly referred to as ‘Free Slurpee Day’, a day when fans can enjoy their favorite icy beverage without spending a dime. Whether you call it ‘pay-nothing Slurpee Day’ or ‘leave-the-coins-at-home, this-Slurpee-costs-nothing Day’, the essence remains the same – it’s a day to indulge in your favorite Slurpee flavor at no cost.

On this special day, all roads lead to participating 7-Eleven stores where fans can enjoy a complimentary small Slurpee. The flavors range from classic cherry and cola to more unique ones. In 2023, 7-Eleven introduced a special flavor – Sprite Lymonade Legacy Slurpee, available at select stores including Speedway and Stripes. Other exciting flavors that made an appearance include Summertime Citrus and Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar.

For those who are part of the 7REWARDS program, there are additional perks available through July 10. These members can look forward to more goodies in store, making the celebration even more exciting.

Interestingly, July 11, 2023, holds another significant milestone for 7-Eleven. The convenience chain, which was founded in Texas in 1927, celebrated its 96th birthday on this day. As we look forward to the centennial in 2027, one can only wonder what surprises Slurpee Day will bring then.

Until then, Slurpee fans can continue to raise their small, free Slurpee high in the sky every July 11, paying a sweet salute to one of the summer’s most famous freebies. So mark your calendars, prepare to queue up, and get ready to cool down with a frost-delivering, slurp-it-down sip of your favorite Slurpee!


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