What is a compass and how many types are there?

What is a direction indicator, you have heard the name of this tool many times, but have you ever thought about it? What is the history behind it, how was it invented, and how many types of compass are there, as well as what metal it is made of?

We have brought all this information for you in this article. Let’s first know what a direction indicator is. The instrument of direction was invented in the 12th century. And A compass needle always points north.

What is a compass?

A compass or compass is an instrument used to indicate direction by relying on the magnetic poles of the Earth and showing direction by an arrow on a magnetic needle, the arrow always pointing north.

This needle is made of a metal that has magnetic properties. It is called compass in English, Compass Latin Of dot com Meaning all together passes It means to act. The invention of the compass is the compass. William Thompson, 1st Baron Calvinon was done.

The compass has been in use since before William Thomson. But before that, let’s know what these types of indicators are. History of the Compass

If we talk about the history of direction indicators, it is very ancient, because the use of direction indicators was seen around 200 to 300 AD, it is evidenced in 206 AD, the first in this period of China. The Han Dynasty There is evidence of such a yantra on the king’s chariot and it is believed that this yantra pointed south. A stone in a tool Loadstone known as Loadstone One used to be the magnetic stone of that time.

On which the rest of the metal drew, at the same time some intelligent men combined to make an instrument out of the stone which indicated a certain direction, and the direction-instrument came into vogue, though its flax was used. In 1300 the British. And started to be done by Islamic countries.

After that its use increased and gradually World War I and Soviet military wristwatches began to be used to tell direction instead of time. Because in the war he had to keep moving in the right direction.

What are the types of compasses?

There are four types of compasses, all of which are divided according to their mode of operation, the most common being the magnetic field compass that is in use. But you know that there are compasses without magnetic fields which do not need any magnet, yes such compasses are called gyroscope compasses. Let us know the four types well.

Magnetic Compass – Magnetic Compass

A magnetic compass consists of a metal needle fixed in a circular box made of bronze in such a way that the least frictional force is applied at the top and the needle is thus called free, then it The needle moves north. Going towards it becomes stable. But that needle must also be magnetic, then it will be towards the north and when the north direction is acquired in the compass. Then the knowledge of the remaining aspects becomes very easy.

Because compass or compass direction is marked north, down, south, left, west, and right as shown in the picture.

Non-Magnetic Compass – Gyrocompass

As you know about the magnetic compass and all the compasses you have seen are magnetic compasses, but for your information which compass is most reliable and most used? , then there is that Gyrocompass Is

The reason behind it is quite clear, the compass is for those who cross between sea and desert. DOT The work of Direction of travel But think of a place where there’s an excess of the magnetic field, or the Earth’s magnetic field doesn’t work, a place where a magnetic compass doesn’t work that’s what you’re used to, for example, the Mariana Trench, also known as the Mariana Trench.

The Bermuda Triangle is why magnetic fields do not work. This was the reason why most of the accidents happened with it in the olden days. But now, thanks to the gyrocompass, avoiding such accidents has become very easy.

Not only that, magnetic or any other compass does not work in submarines, only gyrocompass is useful there. And its accuracy is also perfect. Be it in the case of large ships or air force aircraft, gyrocompasses are used more often.

It’s not that magnetic compasses aren’t used in all these places, they’re also kept as backups, but the primary compass is the gyrocompass.

A gyrocompass is arranged in the form of a circular wheel without friction and gravity. That there is no external force acting on it and direction becomes easy there. A gyrocompass is like a peak hanging in the air. It has no friction effect.

GPS Receiver Compass – GPS

It can be considered a kind of modern compass but it is not as accurate as gyrocompass and magnetic compass. A GPS compass provides information about the current position and direction of the device by comparing it with other devices for any direct information, although this is not to say that the disk should not be used, it does happen to be critical.

In situations like no power supply in case of any calamity. Or you are in a place where the GPS battery has run out and cannot be charged, in these situations a gyrocompass is the best option instead of a GPS receiver.


This compass or compass is usually provided on your mobile device. This direction is detected with the help of an electromagnetic field. And it’s an accurate compass but it’s also not effective in all situations because you have to rely on electricity.

All modern compasses that have been made are magnetic compasses. A glass is filled with a liquid such as kerosene, oil, water, etc. in a rubber mold, some space is left for air, and the magnetic needle is properly set up in the liquid.

This direction indicator is used in many places to allow the needle to move easily through the liquid but is kept secondary because the gyrocompass is preferred as mentioned earlier.

To use a compass, you need to know that up is north and down is south. Once you know about these directions, you will be able to figure out the remaining directions easily. The direction indicator provides information about the four main and four parts of their total eight directions.

Today you have learned all the information about direction indicators, if you found this article informative then share it. And bookmark our URL for more such articles.

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