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What is a Slug?

The last part of a URL is called a slug, it specifies the location of a specific page on your website. Using descriptive, short slugs (one to five words) can help users understand your page’s content and boost your site’s SEO. For Example

In the link “” the slug of this page is “slug-generator”

What is a Slug Generator?

The SLUG generator is a free, web-based tool that instantly converts any given string of text into an SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slug.

Similar to the title of a blog post, the URL slug provides a summary of the content of the page or post. Because each word in the URL slug is separated by a dash (-), it is easily readable by both humans and search engine crawlers.

How to generate URL slug online?

To use our SLUG generator, simply enter your text in the text box, separate each item to be sluged with a new line, and then click the “Generate” button.

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