Renowned Business Tycoon Wants Pakistani and Indian Stars to Play IPL and PSL

Pakistan’s economic billionaire, Mian Mohammad Mansha, has voiced the wish to see Pakistani players appear in IPL and vice versa. The leading magnate branding cricket as a ‘big business’ urged Pakistan and India to improve ties in smaller increments.

Commenting about the detrimental repercussions of constrained ties between two neighboring states, Mian Mansha claimed that the company suffers due to the prohibition on commerce between Pakistan and India.

While IPL has distinguished itself as the largest cricket league in terms of income, PSL is fast working its way toward the position. The monetary gap between the two competitions is widely contrasted; however, Mian Mansha remarked that by allowing their players to participate in the neighboring state competition, both India and Pakistan might profit financially.

Describing cricket as a booming industry in both nations, Mansha added, “The main thing we have to start would be that our players should be competing in your IPL competition and yours may come to the PSL.”

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