High Court Rules That Govt Cannot Ban Officials from Using Social Media

An appeals court in Balochistan has ruled that social media bans on government officials are unconstitutional. According to Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan of the Quetta High Court, government bans on social media should be regulated.

There is no doubt in his mind that social media has transformed the world into a global village. Even though it causes harm, it has also resulted in many positive developments. Therefore, according to him, it’s pointless to prevent government officials from using social media or creating WhatsApp groups.

In the presence of Justice Naeem Akhtar Afghan and Justice Zaheer Ul Deen, the high court made these remarks. To better carry out their responsibilities, the government representative told the court that it is within their authority to restrict access to social media for government officials.

Social media’s importance and benefits cannot be ignored by Justice Naeem Akhtar, who argued that it could be used for the good of society. However, he argued that social media use should be regulated similarly to in the United States. Users should be made aware of the benefits of social media use and its dangers.

According to the government representative, social media should be regulated the same way as traditional media.

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