Government Wants to Launch BRT From Hayatabad to Warsak Road

To ease traffic on the ring road between Hayatabad and Warsak Road, Peshawar City Mayor Haji Zubair Ali announced Wednesday that BRT is being planned.

As to media reports, Mayor Fayyaz Khan of TransPeshawar was in attendance, along with Aamir Shaukat Ali of the KPK Urban Mobility Authority, Haroon Siffat of Tehsil Pishtakhara, and Shaukat Ali Khan of the Metropolitan Government Peshawar.

Work on a shuttle service, according to the mayor, is imminent. In addition, according to him, authorities are working to increase the number of BRT buses on feeder routes.

During a meeting with the mayor of Peshawar, the CEO of TransPeshawar detailed the BRT’s routes, staff, purchasing additional buses, transportation amenities, maintenance of cars, security system, cleanliness, and distribution of special seats for women and transgender people.

The mayor lauded the company’s efforts to provide separate seats for women and transgender people, and he called for additional value-added services for those groups.

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