Omantel Hayyak Internet Packages – Omantel Hayyak Data Plans

The different types of Omantel Hayyak internet packages in Oman are listed below. These tables help you quickly select the best Omantel Hayyak data plans for your need.    

Omantel Hayyak Prepaid Plans

OMR  32 GB50 Local Min7  Days
OMR 31.5 GB15 Local Min30 Days
OMR 53 GB50 Local Min30 Days
OMR 51.5 GB300 Flexi Min30 Days
OMR 75 GB175 Local Min30 Days
OMR 1012 GB200 Local Min30 Days
OMR 1522 GB350 Local Min30 Days

Omantel Hayyak Prepaid Erada Plans

OMRDataDouble DataMinutesValidity
OMR 31.5 GB1.5 GB15 Min30 Days
OMR 51.5 GB1.5 GB300 Min30 Days
OMR 53 GB3 GB50 Min30 Days
OMR 75 GB5 GB175 Min30 Days
OMR  1010 GB10 GB250 Min30 Days
OMR  1518 GB18 GB500 Min30 Days

New Omantel Hayyak Data Sim Plans

PriceDataValidityActivateCheck Balance
RO 33 GB15 Days*343*3#*343*3*0#
RO 56 GB30 Days*343*5#*343*5*0#
RO 1015 GB30 Days*343*10#*343*10*0#

Omantel Hayyak Prepaid Any Time Data Plan

200 bz50 MB1 Day*241*1#
500 bz250 MB1 Day*141*500#
 RO 11 GB1 Day*141*24#
 RO 2Unlimited1 Day *666*2*1*1#
 RO 22 GB2 Days*141*20#
 RO 32 GB1 Week*141*7#
500 bz50 MB1 Month*141*50#
RO 2300 MB1 Month *141*300#
RO 31 GB1 Month*141*3#
RO 52 GB1 Month*141*5#
 RO 73 GB1 Month*141*70#
RO 105 GB1 Month*141*10#
RO 1510 GB1 Month *141*15#
RO 2530 GB1 Month*141*25#

New Omantel Hayyak Flexi Plan

OMRDataFlexi MinutesValidity
OMR 51.5 GB300 minutes30 days
  • Send *666# to activate these packages or use Omantel App.
  • Flexi minutes are used for National calls and International calls to Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

Omantel Hayyak Unlimited Youtube Plan

Unlimited Youtube0.300 Bz3 hours*666*1*2*3*8#

Omantel Hayyak Unlimited Social Media Plan

Social MediaOMRValidity
Unlimited SocialOMR 37 days
Unlimited WhatsAppOMR1.57 days
Unlimited InstagramOMR1.57 days
Unlimited FacebookOMR1.57 days
Unlimited SnapchatOMR1.57 days
Unlimited TwitterOMR1.57 days
Unlimited TikTokOMR1.57 days
  • Dial  *666*1*2*3*1# to activate these packages

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  1. i am not able to activate on add on services the Instagram unlimited offer package of 1.5 OMR , Please help me out

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