Zong Free Google Map Offer Code 2023

If you would want to take advantage of the Zong Free Google Maps Offer, I’ll walk you through the activation process step by step.

Zong and Google have teamed together to make Google Maps free to Zong customers. In addition, Google Maps may now be accessed on mobile devices across the United States.

You can utilize the free Google Maps service if you have a Zong internet package activated. In addition, g-Map may be accessed simply by turning on your phone’s data connection.

As a result of this collaboration, Zong becomes Pakistan’s first-ever cellular service operator to provide its customers with a free Google Maps membership. Zong customers may use Google Maps regardless of whether or not they have a data plan. As a result, using Google Maps has never been easier or more useful.

“Let’s Get Digital Pakistan” is the company’s stated purpose. Digital innovation is a main priority for the organization, making the connected world of its customers possible.

The firm is focused on digitization to make Pakistan a digital country. Because of this, they develop alliances with well-known companies. Soon, they’ll be launching further free for their customers.

Zong Free Google Map Offer

Are you unsure about your current location or interested in where you are? When you use Google Maps, the process is now simple and completely free. First, you have to activate the Zong Free Google Map Offer if you’re a Zong customer and have Google Maps installed on your phone. After that, any country, state, or region globally may easily be located.

You may also establish a timer between two websites by browsing to your location. You can locate your area etc., without using Zong Google Map Offer.

The company had previously given a Zong Google duo deal, but no one was interested. So they’re now collaborating on something new and intriguing.

How to Activate the Zong Free Google Map offer

To use the best Zong Google Map service for free, you may utilize a Zong Free Google Map membership code. Meanwhile, you may use the Zong app to activate it for free. You must have an Android phone that can display navigation visuals, such as the Google Map, to use this service.

More details on Zong’s free Google offer may be seen in the table below.

Offer NameZong Free Google Map offer
Daily Data250 MBs
Activation Code*627#
PricePKR 0

Terms and Conditions

  • Your Zong SIM card should support 3G or 4G.
  • To obtain the free Zong Google Maps package, you must subscribe to the bundle daily.
  • Each time you sign up for the offer, you’ll get 250 MB.
  • The subscription to the service is free, but using Google Map, you’ll have to pay at least 0.01 rupees for internet service.
  • It’s impossible to save a map or the location on your device.
  • It is impossible to save the map tiles to a computer and use them later.
  • You will be paid per the package you have chosen for any external connections.

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