8 Mac Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

There are lots of shortcuts and hidden features in macOS that Apple has quietly added over the years. However, whether you’ve been using Macs for years or are just getting started, there are probably some methods you’re not aware of. Your Mac experience will be more productive if you know how to use these shortcuts and tricks.  

8 Mac Tips and Tricks You Might Not Know

Take a look at these eight amazing Mac tricks and tips that may make your virtual life so much easier and more enjoyable!  

Keyboard shortcuts for anything you want

If you’re a Mac user, you’re probably familiar with common keyboard shortcuts such as Command+X to cut text and Command+V to paste the text. What more can we add to this list? The (Command) ⌘ + Shift + I shortcut lets you create an email in a snap. Press ⌘ + Control + D to define highlighted words.  

It’s easy to cycle between open applications (⌘ + Shift + Tab), quit Safari (⌘ + W), peak at your desktop (⌘ + F3), and more with keyboard shortcuts. In no time, you’ll become a Mac keyboard shortcut expert, and your productivity will increase!  

Accessing hidden files on Mac

So that you don’t delete them, system files vital to the operating system are often hidden from view. However, you may need to access those files at some time. In addition, Mac contains a treasure trove of files/documents that you may require for troubleshooting purposes. You can view hidden files in Finder or using terminal commands if you have access to a terminal. These hidden files can even be considered using file managers.  

Quickly see where files are stored

No need to waste time looking for where your files are stored. Hold Command and click on a file to bring up the location on Finder.  

Share your screen in messages

You may easily share your screen with someone by clicking the ‘Details’ buttons in a message conversation. Next, you will need to click on the icon that looks like two screens together. This will start a screen-sharing session with the person you’re messaging with.   Mac users who are less tech-savvy will find this extremely helpful when resolving problems.  

Easily turn a website into a dock app

Drag the URL bar from the URL bar section and drop it into your dock’s button section, containing recently used applications and open apps. Your browser will launch faster once you’ve added a website to the dock.  

Rename a group of files at once

If you have any photos or other files on your Mac, you don’t have to rename them all individually. It’s also possible to go into Finder and select the images or documents you want to rename by clicking on one, then holding down the Shift key and clicking on the others while still holding down the key.

If you want to rename an item, right-click and scroll down to the option that reads “Rename X items”   It’s also possible to rename your files after you’ve selected them by clicking on the cog icon and then selecting “Rename selected items.” “Martin’s birthday” with a number for each picture is an example of a format you can use.  

Volume adjustment can be made more granular

There is a difference between each volume step bigger than you first thought if you have observed it. For example, a single tap may have changed your podcast, video, or music volume from very low to too loud!   Hold down the Option key and up arrow to reduce the volume increments while pressing the volume decrease or increasing keys. There is a lot more control available with the SoundBox.  

Currency calculations and conversions can be done in Spotlight

Spotlight is one of the most underrated features of the Mac. In the future, you’ll be able to navigate your computer much faster and without needing to use a mouse. Instead, use it as a calculator, or convert currencies.  

The spotlight may be opened by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol. Left off the menu bar, you’ll find this symbol at the very top. The alternative is to use the keys “Command” and “Space.”  

For example, you may put 890 + 950 * 8 into the search bar, and the answer will appear as a search result. In addition, the answer can be copied and pasted.  

To use the tool as a currency converter, enter the amount to be converted with the currency symbol, and the result will show you conversion rates in multiple currencies.  

So, the next time you use your Mac computer, keep these tricks and tips in mind. It will make your life easier!

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