List of Coldest Places in Pakistan

Explore Pakistan's Top 7 Coldest Places for Your Next Winter Adventure

As the winter chill begins to set in and the snow starts blanketing the ground, many of us dream of escaping to a winter wonderland. For those looking for an enchanting cold-weather getaway, look no further than the frosty peaks and valleys of Pakistan.

Though often associated with sweltering heat, Pakistan is also home to some of the coldest places on Earth thanks to its diverse geography and extreme elevations.

In northern Pakistan, near the peaks of the Himalayas and Hindu Kush mountains, temperatures can plummet well below freezing. Places like Skardu, Astore, and Kalat experience frigid winters with average lows around -10°C.

The farther north you travel towards the Afghan border, the colder it becomes, with spots like Ziarat seeing temperatures as low as -25°C!

These icy conditions transform Pakistan’s most northern regions into a magical icy playground each winter. Lakes and rivers freeze over, allowing for ice skating and hockey. Mountains become coated in snow, perfect for skiing and snowboarding. With glistening white slopes and twinkling frozen lakes, it’s a winter wonderland come to life!

For those seeking both natural splendor and winter thrills, Pakistan’s northernmost areas offer the perfect blend. As you’ll discover in this blog post, these destinations feature breathtaking scenery from snow-capped peaks to lush valleys.

And when the mercury dips, endless adventures await in the snow. So bundle up and join us on a tour of Pakistan’s top seven coldest places – your next unforgettable winter vacation awaits.

Skardu: Mesmerizing Winterland

Skardu, nestled amidst the mighty Karakoram mountains in Gilgit-Baltistan, is often hailed as Pakistan’s winter wonderland. As the first stop on our tour of the country’s coldest places, Skardu offers a magical experience for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike.

A Winter Sports Paradise

With temperatures plunging to around -10°C in winter, Skardu transforms into a snowy haven perfect for winter sports. Its towering peaks and valleys become coated in glistening white powder – a playground for skiing and snowboarding adventures.

Frozen lakes and rivers offer prime ice skating and ice hockey opportunities. For those seeking peaceful serenity, a simple stroll through Skardu’s snow-blanketed fruit orchards is sure to delight.

Majestic Mountains and Glacial Lakes

Skardu owes much of its beauty to its dramatic mountain scenery. The Indus River winds its way past rocky cliffs and rolling foothills. Glaciers like Baltoro and Biafo stretch for miles, feeding aquamarine lakes that dazzle the eyes.

Trekkers flock here to explore mountain trails and conquer peaks like K2, nestled on Skardu’s doorstep. Even in winter’s icy grip, the grandeur of Skardu’s natural wonders persists.

Historical and Cultural

Beyond thrilling sports and scenery, Skardu holds deep historical and cultural significance. Ancient Tibetan-style forts and monasteries dot the landscape, including the iconic Shigar Fort. Local handicrafts like woolen shawls and engraved gemstones represent Skardu’s rich cultural heritage.

The friendly locals are eager to share their customs, beliefs, music, and cuisine with visitors. Skardu in winter is truly mesmerizing – a frozen jewel that captivates heart and soul. As Pakistan’s quintessential cold-weather destination, it promises endless magic for intrepid travelers.

Astore: Hidden Cold Paradise

Nestled in the Khurram district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lies Astore, one of Pakistan’s hidden gems when it comes to cold weather destinations. Although not as famous as some other northern areas, Astore boasts breathtaking natural vistas, lush green landscapes, and pleasant weather during the warmer seasons.

However, when winter arrives, the area transforms into a frigid wonderland. Temperatures can plummet to -10°C or even lower, blanketing the entire valley in thick, powdery snow. Locals say winters here are so cold that pouring hot water results in it freezing mid-air before hitting the ground!

But the harsh cold comes with an enchanting allure too. Trekking through the mountains surrounding Astore is an unforgettable experience during winter. The icy terrain and frosted pine trees create a fairytale-like environment.

One can also enjoy thrilling snow-filled activities like skiing. For those seeking solitude, the peaceful snow-covered meadows provide a meditative escape.

So if you want to experience a true Pakistani winter devoid of crowds and commercialization, head to Astore. Just be sure to pack your warmest jackets and lots of cozy accessories! Once you witness the raw, mesmerizing beauty of Astore in winter, you’ll be glad you ventured into this hidden cold paradise.

Other Coldest Places in Pakistan

Beyond the majestic mountains of Skardu and the hidden paradise of Astore lie several other frigid destinations across Pakistan that transform into icy wonderlands during the winter months. For those seeking bone-chilling adventures, here are some of the country’s coldest spots that promise thrilling escapades amid snow-covered landscapes.

Kalat – Historical Town Turned Frozen Escape

Nestled high in the Balochistan province, the historic town of Kalat offers a unique cold-weather getaway. Temperatures here can plunge below -14°C, enveloping the entire area in a frosty embrace.

Wandering through the bazaars and ruins of this ancient Silk Road outpost, you’ll feel transported back in time. When the winter winds howl, Kalat’s deserted atmosphere and freezing temps beckon the bold to uncover its hidden histories.

Murree – Popular Hill Station Draped in White

Murree is one of Pakistan’s most popular hill stations, but during winter this Northern escape transforms into a snowy wonderland. At elevations over 7,000 feet, temperatures regularly drop below freezing, allowing Murree’s pine forests and colonial cottages to get draped in shimmering white.

Whether you’re seeking majestic mountain views or après-ski dining and nightlife, Murree delivers an unforgettable cold weather experience.

Ziarat – Juniper Forests Turn Ice-Frosted

The juniper forests surrounding Ziarat in Balochistan province take on an otherworldly beauty when the winter chill arrives. With temperatures plunging as low as -14°C, the trees become frosted over in glittering ice.

The cold, crisp air highlights the citrusy juniper scent as you explore this forest-turned-icy wonderland. Ziarat offers a truly magical Pakistani winter experience.

From the snow-capped peaks of Nathia Gali to the wintry festivals of Quetta, Pakistan abounds with frigid spots that allow you to revel in the cold. As temperatures drop and landscapes become blanketed in white, these chilly destinations let you discover the breathtaking beauty of a Pakistani winter.


After exploring Pakistan’s top coldest places, it’s clear that this country offers a thrilling variety of winter adventures. From the snow-capped mountains of Skardu to the hidden paradise of Astore, Pakistan transforms into a magical icy wonderland during the winter months.

The extreme cold brings opportunities for skiing, snowboarding, trekking, and simply taking in breathtaking scenery. Historical towns like Kalat give you a glimpse into the past, while valleys like Swat combine natural beauty with rich culture. Whether you’re looking for serenity, adrenaline, or something in between, Pakistan’s cold regions deliver.

As this blog has illustrated, temperatures can plummet to well below freezing across Pakistan. But that doesn’t stop intrepid travelers from bundling up and setting out to explore these captivating winter wonderlands. So why not start planning your Pakistani cold-weather adventure?

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