Punjab Govt Declines Extra Weekly Holiday for Schools in Lahore

The Punjab government has announced its decision not to declare an additional weekly holiday for schools in Lahore. The decision comes after a period of deliberation over the issue due to the alarming levels of smog in the city.

The government had been considering the introduction of an extra day off during the week as a measure to combat the deteriorating air quality. However, recent improvements in the Air Quality Index (AQI) have led to the decision against it.

In a statement released on X (formerly known as Twitter), CM Mohsin Naqvi revealed that he had convened a crucial meeting with his cabinet members to discuss the matter. He stated, “Based on better Air Quality Index, Wednesday remains a regular workday.”

Naqvi also highlighted the ongoing efforts to combat air pollution in the city. He mentioned that the Secretary of Transport, district administration, and Police are actively working against all sources of air pollution. He assured that the government is vigilant and taking proactive measures to keep the Air Quality Index under control.

In addition to these measures, factories have been sternly warned against exceeding the prescribed smoke emission limits and burning tires. The government has also directed Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners to take action against those responsible for burning crop residue.

To further ensure the reduction of air pollution, strict measures have been ordered against the sale of substandard fuel. The construction industry has also been issued guidelines to mitigate the level of smog. These include requirements to cover sand and gravel and to continuously sprinkle water at construction sites.

The decision and the ongoing efforts reflect the government’s commitment to maintaining a healthy environment for the citizens while ensuring minimal disruption to the education sector.


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