How to Get a JazzCash Debit Card

JazzCash is a mobile wallet that enables customers to have complete independence from their houses regarding financial services. You may transfer money to any bank using JazzCash, pay your bills, and do much more without difficulty.

It also gives its mobile account customers the customized Visa debit card feature, enabling them to pay using their debit card at retail outlets. So let us know how to get a JazzCash debit card.   But let’s tell you people about these JazzCash debit card features first.  


  • Over 50,000 online visa merchants and retailers accepted
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Cash withdrawal from Over 12,000 ATMs in Pakistan
  • All transactions are alerted via free SMS
  • Rs. 50,000 for daily withdrawal and shopping limit

How to Get a JazzCash Debit Card

Method 1

The way to apply for the JazzCash Debit Card is quite easy and takes only a few minutes. Follow the below instructions.

  • Open and log in to your account with the JazzCash Mobile App. (If not, dependent on the smartphone you are using, you have to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.)
  • Tap the icon (≡) in the top-left corner of your screen once you log in.
  • Scroll down and tap into the option “JazzCash Visa Debit Card”.
How to Get a JazzCash Debit Card
  • Tap “Order Now” in the next step.
  • Then choose your city and the area in which you live.
  • In the fields, you specify enter your home and your e-mail ID.

Note: Your mobile number and nearby landmark name are optional.   

  • Tap on the right arrow to move to the next step after entering all the information.
  • A 600 card fee will be taken from your JazzCash account after your order has been confirmed. You can then deposit funds using JazzCash or another debit card if you do have not sufficient money in the account.
  • In 15 days, you will get a debit card from JazzCash.

Method 2

You can also follow the instructions below to get the debit card.  

  • Access the official JazzCash website using the Visa Debit Card page.
  • Click on “Order Now” after opening it.
  • Enter the number and CNIC number of your mobile account in the fields and next click.
How to Get a JazzCash Debit Card
  • Check your name it is on CNIC or not.
  • Select your city and district, then type your name and address of your house. To continue to the next step, click the “next” button.
  • Check all of the information and click on ‘Check and proceed.’ You can only unlock your mobile phone and enter an MPIN to pay the card fee from your JazzCash mobile account if you are a Jazz customer.
  • Other network users log in and enter MPIN for payment confirmation in the JazzCash mobile app.
  • Finally, confirm the debit card order and wait for 15 days for your personalized Visa debit card to be received at home.

If you want the card on the spot, you can visit the selected branches of Mobilink Microfinance Bank. 

You can visit the official website of JazzCash for details on the terms and conditions of debit cards.

You guys got it there! Everything about how to get JazzCash Debit Card in this post. In the comment box provided below, you can ask if you have questions.

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