GCU Lahore Launches Free Education Program

Government College University (GCU) Lahore has announced a new free education program. This program is designed for people who have a genuine interest in learning.

GCU Vice-Chancellor (VC) Prof. Dr. Asghar Zaidi said in a news release that the ‘Free Education for All’ initiative would be a pilot experiment in the Institute of History during the next Fall semester of 2023. In subsequent phases, the program will be expanded to other departments.

Individuals will be able to attend classes with an emphasis on obtaining information rather than just chasing degrees and grades. Participants will be able to choose courses from any number of degree programs offered by the institution.

There will be no grading of assignments or examinations, and no official degrees will be awarded upon completion. Attendees will, nevertheless, have the opportunity to learn from highly competent teaching members.

Prof. Zaidi emphasized the need of making education available to all people, regardless of age, color, religion, educational background, or financial status.

Individuals must go through a police verification process, receive a university card worth Rs. 200, and gain approval from the Chairperson and the teacher of the chosen program or course to enroll in this program.

This program will begin with three departments under the Institute of Global and Historical Studies: History, Art History, and Archive Studies. However, beginning in the Spring semester of 2024, there are plans to expand the program to other departments.

Prof. Zaidi expressed his belief that this technique will revolutionize the learning process. Participants from various backgrounds in a single session will stimulate mature debates and a well-rounded educational experience, creating an intellectually interesting setting.


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