Top 5 Successful E-Commerce Startups in Pakistan 2023

The displays of the leading Pakistani successful E-commerce startups have been increasingly common in recent years. Additionally, the increased use of advanced technology contributed to the expansion of these companies’ appeal. This article will discuss the top 5 successful e-commerce startups in Pakistan in 2023.

Successful E-commerce Startups in Pakistan 2023

Startups in Pakistan are rapidly increasing and e-commerce startups are very popular nowadays. If you want to know what these startups have in common, the answer is digitalization; it’s what’s driving their expansion and success.

Many service businesses around the country have thrived thanks to the advent of online consumer engagement platforms. Consider these ten leading Pakistani businesspeople revolutionizing economic opportunities for their country’s citizens.

To date, 17 different investments totaling $174 million have been attributed to Pakistani business owners in the first half of 2023. From the $20 million recorded in 2021, this is an increase of $776 million in 2022. The most promising new startups in Pakistan will be profiled and described here in this article.

The top 5 successful e-Commerce startups in Pakistan are:

  • Foodpanda
  • Daraz
  • Tajir
  • DawaaiBykea


Nauman Sikandar Mirza was the head of foodpanda in Pakistan in 2011, he launched his own company out of his father’s living room and had since risen to become the CEO of one of the largest e-commerce companies in the country. Now Muntaqa Peracha is the Current Managing Director of foodpanda Pakistan.


The process has been kept as simple and user-friendly as possible for the benefit of the vendors. When a seller receives an order on Foodpanda, they can immediately contact a rider to help them fulfill the sale.

Chefs focus on cooking while Foodpanda’s riders pick up and deliver their orders to their customer’s doors. To order food from various places, you must use Foodpanda, a straightforward online service. Get your fill of delicious flavors and cuisines without leaving the house.


Daraz is the largest e-commerce site in Pakistan, began as an online retail outlet in 2012 and has since evolved into a diverse marketplace for businesses selling any from smartphones to home appliances to clothing.

One million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use the services of Daraz, a Pakistani company that was acquired by the Chinese corporation Alibaba in 2018.


Its primary goal is to make purchasing a pleasurable experience for its customers, which it does through a variety of means, including multiple methods of payment (bank transfers, cash-on-delivery, and so on), helpful customer service representatives, and hassle-free returns.

In July 2016, Daraz Group acquired Kaymu, a consumer-to-consumer online marketplace in South Asia, expanding its operations to Sri Lanka and Nepal.


By 2022, Tajir will have been the most successful and widely used startup in Pakistan. Those two guys, Babar Khan, and Ismail Khan thought of it. Following its 2018 debut in that city, it spread to Lahore. It can be found on a list of the best Pakistani startups.


Tajir offers business-to-business (B2B), retail (retail), and electronic (e-commerce) options. Including functions like an online store, marketplace, and e-commerce, it has quickly become the most popular B2B (business to business) software for smartphones.

Tajir has received support from 22 different companies throughout four funding rounds. There is a total investment of $18,950,000. This new venture employs roughly 11-50 individuals.


In Pakistan, Dawaai is the most well-known digital health information platform. Health-related topics are covered in depth. In addition, there is an online pharmacy and a network for generic drugs. When Furqan Kidwai came up with the idea for Dawaai in 2013, he also became the company’s namesake and founder.

It’s located in Karachi. It bridges the gap between e-commerce, mobile health, the internet, healthcare, and the pharmaceutical industry. The current employment count at this company ranges between 101 to 250. There have been a total of eight investors in this company, and they have completed six funding rounds.


The entire budget is $9,500,000. Everyday health and wellness items, herbal and homeopathic medicines, s*xual fitness gear, and medical equipment are all available for an online purchase by consumers. Product information such as how to use the product, potential side effects, safety precautions, and more have all been covered in these pages.


Over half a million bikes are registered with Bykea, a ride-hailing and delivery business that has been around for three years. Karachi, Lahore, and even the capital of Islamabad don’t escape its reach.

Bykea, a piece of sustainable development software, connects customers with instantaneous transportation & courier services, allowing them to save both time and money. Bykea is an all-in-one app for transport, logistics, and COD transactions.


Our services facilitate the quick, secure, and inexpensive transfer of persons, packages, and money. In Pakistan, the primary mode of transportation is motorbikes, which also outnumbers cars by 3 to 1 here in this country.


In this article, the top 5 successful E-commerce startups are discussed in detail with every possible detail about their business.

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