Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani Join Forces to Empower Pakistan through Digital Health

Zong 4G, a leading telecommunications operator in Pakistan, has joined forces with Sehat Kahani, a trailblazing telemedicine platform, to revolutionize healthcare accessibility and delivery across the country. This partnership is set to empower communities, improve health outcomes, and pave the way for a healthier future for all Pakistanis.

The collaboration between Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani is not new. They have previously worked together on various sustainability initiatives, demonstrating their shared commitment to social responsibility. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they provided free online consultations, ensuring that healthcare remained accessible during these challenging times.

In response to the devastating floods that hit Pakistan in 2022, Sehat Kahani, backed by Zong 4G, established medical relief camps in the affected areas, further showcasing their dedication to providing healthcare services to those most in need.


The renewed partnership will focus on several key health areas including Oncology, water & airborne diseases, mental well-being, and mother and child health. Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, CEO of Sehat Kahani, expressed her excitement about the partnership, stating that it would enable them to expand their telemedicine services and significantly impact the lives of millions of Pakistanis. Similarly, a spokesperson from Zong 4G expressed pride in Sehat Kahani’s past efforts in digital medicine and looked forward to continuing their joint mission to transform Pakistan’s healthcare landscape.

The contract signing ceremony, held on June 7th in Islamabad, marked an important milestone in their partnership. The event was attended by Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram and representatives from Zong 4G. Through this collaboration, Zong 4G and Sehat Kahani aim to extend the reach of telemedicine services across Pakistan, leveraging Zong 4G’s robust network infrastructure and Sehat Kahani’s innovative telemedicine platform.

Telemedicine has proven to be a game-changer in healthcare, allowing patients to consult healthcare professionals remotely, thereby overcoming the barriers of distance and time. With this partnership, even individuals in the most remote regions of Pakistan will have access to quality healthcare. In the coming year, Sehat Kahani and Zong 4G plan to increase awareness on a diverse selection of topics in the area of health and mental well-being, further solidifying their commitment to improving the health landscape of Pakistan.

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