Ufone 4G and JoChaho Collaborate to Enhance Online Shopping in Pakistan

Telecom operator Ufone 4G has partnered with the leading e-commerce mobile application, JoChaho. This strategic alliance is set to revolutionize the digital shopping experience for millions of customers across the country.

The collaboration is part of Ufone 4G’s ongoing commitment to leverage digital technology and innovation to enhance customer experiences. JoChaho has been instrumental in serving Pakistan’s e-commerce sector by offering unbeatable deals on a wide array of product categories, from cutting-edge electronic devices to essential home appliances.

As part of this partnership, Ufone 4G users can now avail of a flat 10% discount on a vast selection of products available on JoChaho. Unlike other offers that limit discounts to specific product categories, this unique offer covers an extensive range of items, ensuring that the needs and preferences of Ufone 4G users are carefully catered to.

Sajid Munir, Group Vice President of Commercial Strategy, Pricing & Geo-Marketing, PTCL & Ufone 4G, commented on the collaboration, stating that it reflects Ufone 4G and JoChaho’s shared commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. He further added that together, they aim to create a shopping ecosystem that is not only convenient but also highly rewarding.

JoChaho CEO, Zhao Liang, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the challenges of the e-commerce business model and their vision to become the number one choice for consumers in terms of electronics. The goal, he said, is to provide a seamless buying experience to Ufone 4G customers by offering them great discounts on various products, thereby building a vast and loyal customer base.

This collaboration between Ufone 4G and JoChaho provides customers with an incredible opportunity to shop smarter and save hard-earned money, thereby contributing to the growth of e-commerce by boosting the sector’s credibility and trustworthiness through efficient service delivery and product quality.

Usman Mushtaq

Usman is a storyteller of online communities and digital connections. Through captivating user stories, his articles explore the power of social media in bringing people together from all corners of the virtual world.

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