Nayatel Internet Packages 2023

Since its beginning, Nayatel has transformed Pakistan’s internet and television offerings. It has become possible for the majority of people to get high-speed internet through the company’s fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks.

So it is clear that Nayatel has changed the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, and Faisalabad into one of the world’s most connected and optically networked places. Nayatel’s customer-centric approach is another reason why it has such a wide presence in these big cities.

Nayatel Internet Packages 2023

The level of service Nayatel provides has also undergone a transformation, and new quality standards have been established in response to client expectations. Customers can always count on Nayatel’s team of highly skilled specialists to go the extra mile for them.

Nayatel is committed to providing customers with cutting-edge technology, an ethical business model, and cutting-edge products and services. Nayatel is one of Pakistan’s most dependable internet service providers (ISPs) because of these features. All Nayatel bundles, including the Internet, home, and TV, are covered on this page.

Nayatel Unlimited Monthly Internet Packages

Package Bandwidth Price (Rupees) Resources
Unlimited 10 10 Mbps 1,999/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 15 15 Mbps 2,399/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 20 20 Mbps 2,799/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 30 30 Mbps 3,299/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 50 50 Mpbs 4,999/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 70 70 Mbps 7,299/month Unlimited Internet
Unlimited 100 100 Mpbs 9,999/month Unlimited Internet

Unlimited 10

Nayatel’s Unlimited 10 subscription offers unlimited internet at a speed of 10 Mbps for PKR 1,999/month.

Unlimited 15

It’s possible to get 15 Mbps of internet speed with the unlimited 15 plan. For PKR 2,399 a month, you could get the package.

Unlimited 20

PKR 2,799 per month gets you an unlimited 20-package from Nayatel. It has a download speed of 20 Mbps.

Unlimited 30

Nayatel’s unlimited 30 Mbps subscriptions provide unlimited internet access. For PKR 3,299 a month, you could get the package.

Unlimited 50

Nayatel’s unlimited 50 package costs PKR 4,999/month and provides unlimited internet access. This package offers a download speed of 50 Mbps.

Unlimited 70

Naytel’s unlimited 70-plan is a heavy package. Unlimited internet with a speed of 70 Mbps is included in this package. It costs PKR 7,299/month for this plan for users.

Unlimited 100

In terms of bandwidth, this is Nayatel’s heaviest bundle. It provides unlimited access to a staggering 100 Mbps of internet speed. For a monthly fee of PKR 9,999, you could get this package.

Nayatel Limited Monthly Internet Packages

Package Bandwidth  Price (Rupees) Resources
Starter 10 Mbps 1549/month 125 GB at the day time & unlimited at night + weekends
Extreme 15 15 Mbps 1859/month 150 GB at the day time & unlimited at night + weekends
Ultra 18 Mbps 2069/month 150 GB at the day time & unlimited at night + weekends
Extreme 20 20 Mbps 2479/month 150 GB at the day time & unlimited at night + weekends


Unlimited internet access is available at night and on weekends with Nayatel’s Starter subscription. It has a maximum internet speed of 10 Mbps. The price each month is PKR 1549.

Extreme 15

In addition to 150 GB of data during the day, Nayatel’s Extreme 15 subscription gives an unlimited amount of data at night and on weekends. This bundle includes 15 Mbps of data transfer. For PKR 1859 a month, you can get the Extreme 15 package.


It costs PKR 2069 a month to subscribe to Nayatel’s super internet package. At night and on weekends, there is no limit to the amount of data that may be used during the day. The package’s internet speed is 18 Mbps.

Extreme 20

Unlimited bandwidth is available at night and on weekends with the Extreme 20 subscription from Nayatel. It has a maximum internet speed of 20 Mbps. For PKR 2479 a month, you can take advantage of the offer.

Nayatel Connect Monthly Packages

Package  Bandwidth Price (Rupees) Resources
Connect 1024 30 M 30 Mbps 10,200/month 1024 GBs of data
Connect 1430 35 M 35 Mbps 14,300/month 1430 GBs of data
Connect 2048 35 M 35 Mbps 20,500/month 2048 GBs of data
Connect 2560 40 M 40 Mbps 25,900/month 2560 GBs of data
Connect 3072 40 M 40 Mbps 32,500/month 3072 GBs of data
Connect 3580 45 M 45 Mbps 35,900/month 3580 GBs of data

Connect 1024 30 M

Nayatel’s Connect 1024 plan costs PKR 10,200 per month and includes 1024 GB of data. 30 Mbps of internet speed is included in the package.

Connect 1430 35 M

Using Nayatel’s Connect 1430 package, you’ll get access to 1430 GB of internet access of 35 Mbps. The price each month is PKR 14,300.

Connect 2048 35 M

At PKR 20,500/month, Nayate’s Connect 2048 package offers 2048 GB of data. This package comes with 35 Mpbs of internet bandwidth.

Connect 2560 40 M

Using Nayatel’s Connect 2560 bundle, you can access 2560 GB of the internet at 40 Mbps. For PKR 25,900 a month, you could get the package.

Connect 3072 40 M

Nayatel’s Connect 3072 plan costs PKR 32,500 per month and includes 3072 GB of data. The bundle’s maximum download speed is 40 megabytes per second (Mbps).

Connect 3580 45 M

Nayatel’s Connect 3580 package provides 3580 GB of internet access at a speed of 45 Mbps. The price per month is PKR 35,900.

Nayatel TV packages

TV packages Installation Price Monthly Charges
Basic Cable Rs. 3000 Rs. 400
Digital Box Rs. 3850/box + 3000 Rs. 400/ month for basic channels, Rs. 700/month for Digital and HD channels
Joy Box Rs. 2570/box + 3000 Rs. 400/month

Basic Cable

For PKR 400 a month, you could get a basic cable package with access to a wide range of popular channels. Installment fees of PKR 3000 are required.


  • Theater-quality audio is delivered by Nayatel Basic Cable and comes in a wide range of configurations, all of which can be relied upon to work perfectly every time.
  • You could enjoy your favorite news networks or worldwide entertainment with Basic Cable.
  • FTA channels such as BBC, TEN Sports, Geo, and ARY are included in the Basic Cable TV package.

Digital Box

Customers can get digital and high-definition (HD) channels with the Digital Box. It costs PKR 3850 to buy the digital box and PKR 3000 to install it. There is a monthly fee of Rs. 400 for basic channels and Rs. 700 for HD channels, which are included in the subscription.


  • More than 100 digital and HD channels may be found in the digital box.
  • You won’t miss a thing with the digital box’s auto + quick recording capability.
  • You can also use it to plan out your Tv – watching time.
  • In addition, it provides controls for parents to track their children’s use of the service.

Joy Box

Nayatel’s Joy Box is a high-end subscription TV service. A large variety of TV stations are available, ensuring that you will never be bored. The box costs PKR 2570, with an additional PKR 3000 for installation. In addition, this TV bundle would cost you PKR 400 each month.


  • To control your remote mouse cursor, simply move the Air-Mouse around in mid-air.
  • In addition, the keyboard is very user-friendly.
  • The operational range of the joy box is 10 meters.
  • To replace the buttons on your TV remote with those on your mouse, you can customize the buttons on this device.
  • The battery can be recharged.

Installation + Hardware charges

Installment and hardware fees apply if you are a first-time subscriber of Nayatel or are transferring from another ISP, such as PTCL. You can choose to pay in whole or spread out over some time. Those who pay in whole get a discount, whereas those who pay in installments don’t. Depending on your bundle and plan, your final amount could be changed. It costs 13,630 for an unlimited 10 Mbps service.

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