WhatsApp New Feature Will Soon Let You Send High Quality Videos

For a long time, WhatsApp has allowed us to send high-quality photographs with minimal compression. For photos, you can choose between ‘data saver,” standard,’ and ‘high-quality’ choices.

According to WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo, we will soon be able to do the same with videos. This capability was just discovered in the WhatsApp beta for iOS ( Inside group conversations, this update also features improved profile images.

When transferring a video, WhatsApp will soon allow you to select between regular and HD resolution. Take a look at the image below. Because the feature is still in its early phases of beta testing, it still says “photos” rather than “videos.”


The regular quality file is 2.2 MB, and the HD quality file is 4.9 MB. Telegram allows you to send videos in their original quality, but all of Telegram’s chats are saved online, conserving storage space on your smartphone.

Despite the minor difference in file size, WABetaInfo guarantees that the HD quality choice significantly increases detail. Because the app does not retain your choices, you will have to pick the HD quality option each time you submit a video.

When you submit an HD video, it will be tagged with an “HD” logo in the lower left corner. This should alert receivers that the video’s download size will be slightly larger than normal.

It’s unclear when the feature will become available to the public, but because it’s currently in beta testing, we may be confident that it will. Perhaps in the future, we will have more high-quality alternatives.

Farah Qaiser

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