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Top 5 Best VPN Apps for Android Phone

You would want to use your VPN on your Android phone or tablet these days; it’s no surprise. Fortunately, almost all of VPN’s leading companies offer specialized mobile and Android VPN apps for download.

The question is to reveal hundreds of Android VPNs fighting for your attention by a quick search on the Play Store. So what’s the best way to choose it? First, we will go over our extensive research and reviews of the five best VPN apps for Android that we have found.  

Best VPN Apps For Android

A specialized Android app makes things as simple as possible, so it should be simple to use. Make sure your Android version works, at least Pie and often higher. As your Android VPN will most likely be used on several other devices, be sure it works with your computer’s operating system and has more than enough licenses to cover your devices.  

Your data will be transported to a VPN server nearby or distantly over an encrypted tunnel. Anyone who watches your network connection will see disturbing data only.

However, when your traffic exits VPN on the open web, traders and spies view the IP address. This is a smart and easy way to protect your information and identity. In addition, VPN can help your smartphone access the internet in private.  

1. ExpressVPN – The Best VPN For Android

ExpressVPN’s Android app offers a lot to admire. The specialized application can be used and easily identified, but it contains many complex features.  

The app has a superior location picker, unsafe network detection, divided tunneling, a specific tool menu for privacy, and a kill switch. The AES 256-bit security front encryption is officially approved by ioXt Alliance, the Android app. When we used the mobile VPN, the speeds were always fast. More detailed features and pricing plans were discussed in this particular ExpressVPN review.

2. NordVPN – One Of The Top-Rated Apps

The NordVPN App is an excellent hit, with more than 10 million downloads in Google Play. Other exciting data features, such as ‘Double VPN’ technology, encrypt the connection by routing it across two separate VPN servers. The service also has a zero log (PricewaterhouseCoopers audited) policy which means that the user’s internet behavior is not tracked. The accreditation of ioXt Alliance is also supported on Android.

The price is also quite high if you only want to try it out before committing, using a 30-day cash back guarantee. The inter deal is the best option in terms of the total value. NordVPN is an excellent software for blocked sites to access and play games on your Android smartphone.  

3. Hotspot Shield – VPN With The Best Features

To be clear from the beginning, the ‘Premium’ software from Hotspot Shield was made to our top five Android VPN list rather than the free version. They’re the same software on the Play Store, but the complete version will offer you a handy smartphone security app.  

Hotspot Shield is always the first in our testing for pure server performance with the patented Catapult Hydra protocol. This is important to know when it comes to your smartphone because you may bring it to work without worrying about degradation in performance.  

4. Private Internet Access – Best Performance And Price

Auto connection, kill switch, snooze, favorite lists, and a handy collection of connection status statistics are a few of the options available for tracking your activities. In addition, using port forwarding, Proxy support, UDP, and TCP protocol settings, you may create local and remote ports, choose unique encryption and handshake methods and even vibrate your smartphone while connected.  

Although no free trial takes place, membership is fairly priced irrespective of the plan. Of course, you will save the most money from a multi-year plan. As the name suggests, this VPN app can provide you with 100% safe access to websites and play casino games privately.  

5. Surfshark – Easy-To-Use VPN

Surfshark is an easy first choice for many because of its market-beating price. But don’t be fooled; the quality department isn’t lacking. That’s also true for your Android app. You will be happy to be able to receive a subscription when you plan to use this VPN on your TV Streaming, laptop, router, and other devices.   It also hides your IP address to ensure that no one can see online what you do. Moreover, it prevents promotion, trackers, malware, and phishing.

The targets of hackers from different countries are expected in finance-related sites such as banks and casinos. When visiting those online casinos, you’re safer if your true web identity is hidden. Such sites often adopt severe security measures, such as 22Bet casino, to protect their clients. 22Bet Casino offers a rigorous 2048 bit security protocol that encrypts all data that has been transferred. However, we prefer to play casino games online, using a VPN, or check our bank account’s state.  

Basically, in case of security failure in your favorite gaming or finance sites, if you want to be sure your ID is not visible for an attacker, a VPN is always recommendable.  


For some reason, utilizing a public Wi-Fi network with your Android phone or tablet might be risky. For example, a poorly established network might expose your data to external individuals.

On the other hand, malicious parties may also have set up a seemingly harmless wireless network to connect you. Since it may be challenging to differentiate between fake and genuine networks, the VPN or a virtual private network should protect you.  

You may not be using a VPN, but you should. You should be. Whether you are a global business giant or a regular home person, a VPN service is an excellent investment.

Your data will be more secure, and your control over mobile traffic will be much more apparent whether you are on your tablet or smartphone. It’s not going to protect you against every harm, but it is a simple method to be safer.

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