What are the advantages and disadvantages of technology?

What is technology? And its Benefits And loss What is that, if you also want to know, then this article will provide you complete information about it, along with how many types of technology there are, we will also know about it in detail.

This technology related information is being researched from articles and journals written till date. To give you better information, the meaning of technology may be very limited to a common man, but the word technology hides more dimensions within it, let’s know what many technologies are and what they are. What are the advantages and disadvantages of .

What is technology?

The meaning of technology Technology That is, it means that the technology that makes our daily tasks easier and requires very little human intervention, we can add any such device, device within this technology.

The main purpose of technology Resources To give maximum output or result by using, in today’s age technology surrounds us, you may have mobile, television, air conditioner, car computer etc.

Technology is a gift of science, technology scientists are discovering day by day, not even today, and its simple purpose is to create a better tomorrow for us, 500 years ago no one would have thought that airplanes. The name of this thing will be. Even further into the future in which humans can travel by air, let’s know about its history. A history of technology

It is human nature that after knowing one thing, one is curious to know about another and perhaps technology is the result of this.

Since ancient times, we have unknowingly started exploring technology to meet our needs.

Like the invention of fire and the wheel and electricity, what the little man did to satisfy his needs, that’s why it started, gradually science was born.

Just as in today’s era we can touch our mobile to talk to each other and talk to a person sitting thousands of kilometers away, just like in ancient times. People used to communicate with each other by using things like fire, animals etc., today technology has made it all very easy.

Just as man has evolved gradually over thousands of years, technology has also evolved in stages. The computers we see today are the result of hundreds of years. To reach this, man has invented many things, in a systematic way.

Types of technology

Technology has contributed to various fields, we can divide technology into several areas. Like in the field of education, communication, health, transportation etc. But we will learn about some special types.

Information technology

The researchers And storage and exchange of data, data etc. in different research equipments of scientists like computers and laptops etc. is called information technology.

The collection and exchange of information from one device to another is beneficial in many fields, for which we consider IT a boon.

Artificial intelligence

AI Artificial Intelligence is a technology that enables machines to understand things like humans and improve themselves. Today, many things have become easier with the help of AI.

The best example of AI is that every time you search for something in your mobile, you will see ads related to it for a few days, all this is possible with the help of artificial intelligence.

AI is also used in large industries and factories to control machinery and run systems smoothly.


With the help of robotics, it has become much easier, whether it is to study another house with robotics, or to explore inaccessible areas where it is not possible for humans to do some research, today all the tasks are done easily. of the robot.

Large machines for moving things from one place to another, automation machines in automobiles and large factories that, once programmed in a certain way, can do this continuously for hours without any human assistance.

Space technology

The technology used for space shuttles to go into space and to study the space environment and to study other planets and space energy is called space technology.

It is the most complex technology, as it consumes a lot of energy and resources.

The Internet of Things

Devices in which data transfer and connectivity between other similar devices are done by connecting sensors, software, etc. to the Internet are called IoT.

In today’s era IoT is used a lot for entertainment, smart device is also a part of IoT.

Architecture Technology

It is also called building technology, the design of large buildings, the equipment used inside them, engineering etc. is called architecture technology.

All the buildings and wonders in modern civilization are the result of this.


Technology has played a huge role in improving health services, research data that is used to treat many diseases, their diagnosis, all because of biotechnology, emergency use. All instruments, yes, they all fall under this. It

Technology has advanced a lot in the medical field. Due to which treatment of major diseases has become possible today.

Nano Micro Technology

It is a very complex technology, in which a chip smaller than a micrometer is used, such as making chips for large computers and mobiles, making motherboards, etc. It is a very good technology.

Fiber optics is also an example of this.

3D printing technology

It is called CAD model and digital 3D model, which is created by printing an image or virtual object with the help of a 3d printer, the best example of this is the “Museum built in Dubai” although it is still in its early stages. . But the result is much better.

Advantages of technology

Technology has many benefits in education, health, transportation, entertainment, etc.

We should encourage its proper use, so that we can explore many dimensions.

Know about the benefits of technology, the benefits of which are visible in the field.

  • ICT, the use of ICT has brought many benefits, like today internet access has reached everyone, with the help of information and communication technology, ICT, sir, we are all better connected with each other. have been, to people far and wide. There have been many conveniences in the regions, clothes, food and culture of a country etc. we can see in minutes on mobile or computer and share our thoughts.
  • Technical Education Technology has brought many benefits in technical education, whether it is online learning in schools and colleges or understanding things on a projector with the help of images and videos. All this is possible with the help of technology, today there is no limit to study due to technology, now school children can study the material taught in college online, and prepare for it in advance.
  • Technology has also contributed a lot in industries, lifting and carrying heavy objects has become very easy. Human labor has decreased in industries, as more and more machinery is now used.
  • Technology has also benefited the medical field, from making drugs for incurable diseases to performing complex operations with machines or, it has become much easier for a doctor sitting in one country to treat a patient sitting in another country.
  • Technology has also made great progress in transportation, transportation, concept like biofuel is being introduced, electric vehicles are being used instead of petrol and diesel vehicles, such vehicles for traveling in all conditions. Being made, you can’t do it. However difficult the route may be, connectivity between villages and cities has improved significantly.

Disadvantages of technology

It is not that technology has so many advantages and disadvantages, technology has huge disadvantages. While it is used for good purposes, some people also misuse it with dire results. Let’s know about it in detail. What are the disadvantages of technology?

  • It is now very easy to lose ICT, steal with its help, rob people’s bank accounts, opt to share your bank account, or complete information and money stored in mobile and computer to the person sitting in front of you. reach
  • Technology is a big loss in health, today people spend hours on their mobile and computer screen, very little participation in physical activities, due to this many diseases are born, these days it is also seen in children. is getting Almost every child has ADHD.
  • Terrorist activities have been greatly encouraged by technology, in such a situation many people remain at risk. The relations from one country to another are deteriorating, due to which the common people are worried, technology also has a big hand in it.
  • The increase in mental illness is also a result of technology, mental illness has become common among millennials, relationships with each other begin to deteriorate as people live in an internet world more than meeting and talking to each other. . Due to which human relations are deteriorating.

In this article you have taken some information related to technology, such as what is technology, its benefits, what are the side effects of modern technology, and what are its types. If you liked this article, be sure to share it.

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