WhatsApp Users Can Finally Use The Same Account on 4 Phones Soon

WhatsApp’s multi-device capability has been available for years, but it only enables you to link your account to desktops, and tablets. It will soon change as the long-promised Companion Mode has been publicly available to all WhatsApp beta users.

This feature has become one step closer to arriving at the app’s stable version. As typically, the info was initially provided by folks over at WABetaInfo.

Companion Mode will be a huge upgrade for WhatsApp as it will enable you to use the same account on 4 separate smartphones. This should be incredibly helpful for folks who have many phones and want to utilize the same account on each one.

But, if you would like to utilize the same WhatsApp account on two devices, you have to make sure all of them have the same version of the application.

wa companion mode link device large android

As the screenshot displays, Companion Mode will function the same way as paired devices. Opening up the associated devices section will provide you a QR code that you can scan on the other phone to utilize the same WhatsApp account on it. This will sync your conversations and media with the other device as well.

You won’t require an active connection to the internet on the first device to continue using WhatsApp on the other phone.

For now, the feature is only enabled on WhatsApp beta for Android, with no news on whether it will be accessible for iOS devices. In any event, we will keep you updated as soon as Companion Mode is widely available.

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