Important Things to Know About Mobile Data for Gaming

Over the past few decades, the gaming business has seen a complete change. The days of buying a CD, DVD, or gaming cartridge to play your favorite games on your PC or console are gone forever. Since all of our favorite games worked offline, the Internet was not a requirement. However, a stable connection is required if one wants to take part in epic battles and war.  

Several providers provide high-speed internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps with a limited data cap, perfect for streaming and gaming. On the other hand, Charter Internet offers unlimited internet data irrespective of whether you pick a 100Mbps or 940Mbps plan. Wi-Fi your smartphone and play as many online games as you can!  

In any case, what if you are away from home and don’t have access to Wi-Fi?? You can’t put your fingers on freeze because you’re addicted to video games. Mobile internet is the only method to play games away from home. If you do not have enough data, or if your company does not cover your cell account, it can be a massive drain on your budget.  

The following are some of the most important things you need to know about mobile data for gaming.   

Opt for Higher Data Plan

They are never happy with the amount of information they get. As a result of the popularity of games like PubG and Fortnite, we tend to think that they use many data. A higher data plan is good, but it doesn’t mean you’re wasting money without understanding how much data you use. If you want to know how much information is required to play games, have a look at the table below!  

GameData per hour
Dota 2128MB
Team Fortress 280MB
Call of Duty: Black Ops48MB
Battleship V100MB
Destiny 2300MB
League of Legend45MB
Grand Theft Auto V60MB
Final Fantasy XIV20MB

Downloading Games Could Flush Your Data Away

How much data is consumed per hour by each game? According to the developer, even if you play for many hours a day, you won’t be running out of data anytime soon. Using mobile data to download games, though, can leave a dent in your wallet. Especially if you subscribed to a limited data cap plan, this is especially important.  

For Xbox One and PC games, upgrades are no less than 20GB in size. However, you can’t expect much less from the smartphone version. Call of Duty is 101GB, Forza Horizon 4 is 63GB, and Red Dead Redemption is 89GB. Your monthly data limit may be reached even before the following month starts. Therefore, using your mobile data for surfing, downloading, and socializing is important.  

So that you don’t deplete your monthly mobile data, it’s best to set up data limits on your smartphone. You will be notified via your smartphone as soon as you reach the limit.  

Allow Updates on Wi-Fi Only

As a result, most updates are set to automatic. As soon as fresh updates are published, apps and games begin downloading. Instead of using mobile data, it’s best to apply the updates via Wi-Fi instead. There is an option in Android and iPhone settings to update applications and games over Wi-Fi only, but it’s not always available.

You’ll need to pay twice a month. Game lovers cannot wait to download new games without taking a break from playing. When using mobile data, it is recommended to wait a little longer for the download to complete via Wi-Fi instead. Mobile data can be used if the file size is under 100Mb. If the game requires at least 1GB, do not risk it.  

Things to Know Before Picking Plan for Gaming

Be sure to consider these factors when choosing a game plan.  

  • Speed
  • Data Caps
  • Ping Rate

Most gamers know that speed and data limits are important. However, it is important to bear in mind that the ping rate is also an important aspect. Latency in a network refers to the time it takes for a gaming server to reach your Computer.

Gaming, downloading, and streaming are all possible with a ping rate ranging from 20ms to 150ms. You will experience lags and disruptions throughout your gaming session if your response time is more than 150 milliseconds.  


It takes a bit of self-control if you are a gaming addict to select mobile data and properly use it—updating, download, or playing online games over your mobile data with care.

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