Utility Store Ramadan Package Price List Today 2022 (Updated)

The government recently declared the Ramzan Relief Package 2022 available at all Pakistani utility retailers. The government has offered a subsidy worth 7 billion and 60 crore rupees. The Ramadan Relief Package 2022 will effect on the first of Ramadan. The Ramadan relief package 2022 will be available through Chand Raat.

The government has made concessions on 19 everyday products. Discounts ranging from 4 to 50 rupees will be provided on these more than 19 goods. Sugar has been purchased in 40000 metric tonnes by utility retailers. Sugar will be subsidized by 10 rupees per kg and offered at 85 rupees. The Punjab authority will also put up special Ramadan bazaars in several cities around the state.

Check out our website for the total Utility Stores Ramadan Package 2022 Rates List, Including Price. The PM of Pakistan has offered the general population a special Ramzan Relief Package 2022 in the year Ramadan package is better since this year Ramzan Bazaars.

Utility Stores Ramzan Package 2022

During Ramadan, the Pakistani government has reduced the prices of essential items such as oil, sugar, wheat, rice, other daals, dates, etc. Therefore, it is the greatest package available to Pakistanis. Usually, all prices rise every year, but the offer made by the Pakistani government will be both calming and helpful to Pakistanis.

The utility stores organization has not released the Utility Stores Ramadan Package 2022 Price List. Instead, it has provided the country with over 7000 stores spread across the country.

utality store ramadan package

Utility Store Price list Today 2022

USC of Pakistan will distribute 19 essential food products at rates cheaper than the marketplace throughout its 4,000 shops in Pakistan as part of its signature Ramzan Relief Package.

Customers will be charged Rs. 950 for a 20-kilogram wheat flour bag, but the open market pricing for a 20-kg flour pack would be about Rs. 1100-1350. Similarly, one kg of sugar will be provided at Rs. 85, but sugar is accessible on the free market for Rs. 86-93. One kg of subsidized ghee costs Rs. 260 at USC, but usable ghee costs Rs. 470 on the free market. During the Holy month of Ramadan, the rate of one liter of oil at USC will be Rs. 407.

utality store ramadan package list

USC would supply white grams for Rs. 213 as part of the Ramadan Relief Package, but white grams are available in the free market for Rs. 250-260. Similarly, throughout the Ramzan, Besan is available at USC’s national retail network for Rs. 170 rather than Rs. 190-220.

Furthermore, one kg of Dal Channa costs Rs. 162 at Utility Store Corporation and Rs. 180-190 per kg on the marketplace. Furthermore, one kg of cleaned Dal Moong expenses Rs. 170, whereas the open market rate ranges between Rs. 180 and 200 per kg. The rate of cleaned Dal Mash at USC is Rs. 268, and the rate of one kg of Dal Mash in the marketplace is Rs. 280-320.

Furthermore, one kg Dal Masoor costs Rs. 215 at USC, but it costs Rs. 250-280 on the marketplace. Rice Sella will cost Rs. 165/kg, Tota rice Rs.85/kg, and rice Basmati Rs. 155/kg.

The dates will be offered for Rs. 140 per kg, but the marketplace offers dates ranging from Rs. 200 to 240. USC sells tea (950 gm) for Rs. 1042, although black tea (950 gm) with the same quality is offered on the free market for Rs. 1250.

Milk (UHT) is offered at USC for Rs. 142, whereas it is provided in the marketplace for Rs. 165. Syrups and squashes (800 ml) are sold at USC for Rs. 250 rather than Rs. 290, while syrups and squashes (1500 ml) are offered for Rs. 437, compared to Rs. 495 in the marketplace.

The Ramzan Relief Package offers a 10% savings on products and a 15% savings on 1500 additional food and non-food products.

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