Can you survive your life on Freelancing?

I have been a freelancer for almost two decades. It is not an easy ride. Some days are excellent, and some are not so good, to put it lightly, but one thing stands out. I have been self-employed and have not felt a need to look for a full-time job since I started working on the Internet and as a freelancer.  

The Internet is a great medium. Very strong. Stories like Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales convince me that the best is yet to come. With the statement provided by 5G, I expect more opportunities to emerge on the Internet. The spectrum causes a more extensive and level playing field for anyone ready to cash in with both hands. As a freelancer, one of the most important aspects to help your success is time management.

Can you survive your life on Freelancing?

Self-employment is not easy; it necessitates the same time and effort commitment as a 9 to 5 job. Maintaining track of time and sticking to a schedule can be difficult, especially if you are alone in your home office with no one to assist you with your job. In addition, it takes discipline to constantly look for new jobs, communicate with customers, and handle time to complete existing tasks on time and within budget.

Another primary reason why some freelancers are forced to return to full-time work, in my view, is that they complete projects but do not deliver them on time. The time lag plays a major role in disturbing the faulty schedule, and you are then trapped in a vicious loop of poor project management.

For example, this happens when you win new projects but cannot complete the old ones on time. A freelancer can make a living entirely through freelancing. They definitely can. I’ve been there, and I’ve done that.  

How to become a successful Freelancer?

  • Improving technical skills.
  • Improving communications skills. The importance of written English cannot be overstated.
  • An excellent sales pitch for getting projects.
  • Response time to client communications is quick. However, remember that education is necessary.
  • Maintaining a project timeline and guaranteeing that it is adhered to.
  • Don’t make too many promises and then fail to deliver. Turn it around.
  • Your words should not reflect your anger tantrums. A simple message shows your flexibility as a human
  • When you’ve finished the job, request payment. Don’t be ashamed.
  • Except for Fiverr, gently request that your client examine and provide comments on your job. Fiverr, for some reason, hates this question.
  • Make time for yourself every day. Workout
  • Weekends are about spending time with your family. Spend time with family and friends.
  • Don’t eat too many at work. Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  • Do not sit in the same posture for more than 30 minutes. Take a five-minute break. Walk the walk or talk the talk.
  • Before you begin your work, listen to music.
  • When you complete your work for the day, make notes. First, check your overnight notes to see what you’ve accomplished and what is still pending. Then, prioritize pending chores for the following day.

Freelancer’s Success

When we analyze the earnings of successful freelancers throughout a career, someone who earns $30k or more per year is doing well. They are most likely self-employed, but there is also a chance they balance their income.  

Among my favorite books, Rich Dad, Poor Dad offers important lessons. First, you should keep some money aside for rainy days and never put all of your eggs in one basket. You should invest such that the same money will be helpful in the future.  

Remember, you won’t even be able to freelance for the rest of your life. So there may come a time when you will not have the same drive to advance in your profession as you had in the beginning.  

As time passes, the fire in the belly begins to fade. Therefore, it is critical to forming a team that can take care of your job while engaging in other businesses to realize the rewards later.  


Yes, freelancing may help you earn lots of money. Yes, you may profit from freelance work, but you must be prepared to plan appropriately.

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